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  1. PDX'ers its Drew P. Hansens Birthday on Saturday

    You know, Winter, we actually talked about reschedulin' Drew's birthday bash when you got back, but Naaaaaaa. You are going to have tooooo much fun for the all of us, plus we had to do something whilst you were away:)
  2. PDX'ers its Drew P. Hansens Birthday on Saturday

    it's those darn kids.....
  3. PDX'ers its Drew P. Hansens Birthday on Saturday

    Ivan- it's drew's birthday:)
  4. Some may have climbed with him, some may have seen him at the PRG, some know and love him:), some not at all, but regardless, we are having a birthday party for him at shred and mel's house this saturday evening (5/5) at 7pm. If you want to come and you don't know where we live, you will have to pm me:) Woot!
  5. CORN

    Anything for the greater good:)
  6. CORN

    Hey Sketch, you know that the only reason I am skiing is for you. I can't stand the corn crap:) but since you aren't out there, the balance is off, so we must keep things even:)
  7. Mt. Hood Meadows closing April 16

    It's too flat, plus you shouldn't support them. Ask Winter:)
  8. Cooper Spur?

    Pete's Pile is a great place to climb. There are some nice crack climbs with slabs on the side for foot placement. If your really good, there is a climb that some friends swear by called the Guillotine right as you enter the climbing area. I prefer the easier corners a few yards down.
  9. Bouldering vs. Routes

    I would do both. I think just climbing as much as you can will help you to be confident and strong, then in turn allow you the time to learn piece placement. If you don't have the strength, then you won't be able to have time to place pieces. This is what I find, anyhow.
  10. Fave Smith shoes?

    I swear by the Boreal Aces, but not sure if they even make them anymore. I can stand on the smallest nub in these. They are somewhat flexible as well.

    REI does suck, and the bitches that work there are whores:) Literally.
  12. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    Here's my scenic entry...shred in the bugaboos up at applebees:) Trying to find good weather.
  13. PDX pub club Sun. 11/6

    I didn't get a pass, but I'll just pay. Its cheap enough:) Plus Tuesday nights are $10 ladies night:) Woot Woot, That makes it worth it I haven't been on here for so long, I don't even know if anyone will show up:) We'll see what happens! I posted on Ttips too, so should be a good crowd if people read it:) See you there!