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  1. Look what we have right now. Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Suite Sale We have a few in size large for those looking to stay warm while Ice Fishing in Alaska or the North Pole for Thanksgiving.
  2. Just thought people would want to know about the used gear sale web page
  3. NOAA Mountain Weather Forecast links down or?

    Here is a new link Ricardo, let me know if it helps. http://www.crh.noaa.gov/data/SEW/RECSEW
  4. Good deals on some high end gear. Just thought people migh be interested. www.summithaus.com web page
  5. Muir film crew?

    Don't you think if Dateline had a commercial for a story that is going to air in the next few days everything would be wrapped up weeks ago. It was about another story that will air in a few weeks.
  6. Steve - Handyman from RMI

    His cell number is 253-732-6642
  7. The 3rd Annual Rainier Mountain Festival is going to take place on September 18th and 19th. A lot of cool events and cheap gear. Check out the website web page
  8. Photo Printer Recommendations

    I use the Olympus 400, it is nice, the cost is about $2.00 a print (paper and ink)
  9. washing your rope

    SMC carries a product for a couple bucks that you can buy. That is called a rope washer, it is made from PVC and hooks on the end of your hose. It is pretty neat
  10. Can you inform me on the spin?
  11. Wonderland Trail in 48hrs?

    It was a supported effort. They carried water in a blatter, and 1 down sweater, and fleece pants and a wool hat, and radios. The theory being that if one got hurt the other could run for help. At the major points, there was food for them to eat, the clock continued to run. In a few sections they had family or friends running with them. It was a low key event didn't want much publicity about it, I was just curious about if it was a record. I have only seen one thing in Dee Molenaar book in regards to 28.5 hours. I just think it is an accomplishment, if it is a record or not who cares.
  12. Wonderland Trail in 48hrs?

    I believe the record was broken last week. A gentleman named Skye Thompson ran/walked the whole trail in 25.5 hrs. I know a few details, will post more in future if anyone is interested. Started from Longmire at Noon Thursday, September 11, finished at Longmire at approx 1:30 Friday afternoon. There was two of them doing it, one got hurt around mile 50 (hurt knee) so they walked for about 2-3 hours before Skye started running again. He said he will try to break 24 next year. I will get split times if necessary. He had people running certain sections with him, had a film crew at certain times (someone is making a short film regarding the issue) Just thought people would like to know about it. Anyone know what the record is by chance?