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  1. Did someone say Mounties????

  2. Proof that my kid will be a Climber....

    Trad is Aid, she should be clipping bolts
  3. I have had 2 pair of the eigers, and I loved them since they were lighter than their other boots (since the eigers are summer boots) but they always would blow out in the back. I now use the Trango S which are the shit, especially on rock. Not the same support as the others, and traversing steep snow with crampons is not fun IMO because of the ankle support not being there, but they are super light. I also got a new pair of the Kayland K1's, but have not had the chance to wear them but once this year (they are replacing my plastics) My feet are narrow, so la sportivas always worked for me, and salomons never fit as I would swim in them.
  4. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    Will there be a gaper clinic? I need to get an OR Sombrero for my summer hiking, and all the latest REI gear
  5. Sloan solo

    I guess not, I dont have my beckey book with me, but you said "glacier" so I assumed you meant the sloan glacier.
  6. Sloan solo

    Go solo the glacier? Power to you, but someone in our group fell in just last week
  7. what a weekend!

    Free campsites on the north end of baker lake are pretty cool
  8. Sloan Peak Corkscrew TR

    But w/o the spicyness of the glacier in late season, what fun would it be?
  9. Enough Rope Up Angst...

    car camping with the wife...................MLH
  10. Approach Shoes?

    Salomon Functions are the shit, I got em for $5! But I would pay retail for them as my montrails suck ass
  11. TR-able 10bcd's at Index

    Sugar Bear is a worthwhile TR IMO. Real fun moves and a good crux
  12. 2003 Summer Chestbeat Awards

    5) NEW!!! Best Chestbeat involving Cougars, Snaffehounds, and Horsecock : This one should be obvious. We would like to thank our major sponsor: Scotteryx Cougar Bait Inc. Tune in at the end of the summer when Jon Kraukaur and a one-armed "Climber" present this years' winners. That is so rad!
  13. Sloan Peak Corkscrew TR

  14. North Twin Sister, West Ridge

    Nicely done Matt! So how are your fingers after all that rough rock?
  15. Pro for flaring cracks?

    Offset friends!