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  1. Another Smith Rock Etiquette Question

    Are you saying that it is justified for her to feel bad (aka. SHOULD) because another woman was leading and she was struggling just following the climb. I guess I understand how/why she might feel bad...but SHOULD she feel bad because a person of the same sex is more advanced than her? Would that sentence be written the same if the gender roles were reversed?
  2. Climbing Partners?

    what makes you so sure that anyone involved with the wednesday event is qualified to 'refresh' your skills? altruism != competence
  3. bitch about banning some more whiner thread

    this one?
  4. chat

  5. chatter?

    if you were REALLY a loser you could download mIRC and connect to any EFNET server and type /join #cclimb
  6. chatter?

  7. Hole in the Ground

    I know! I know!
  8. Are you a pirate?

    does a buttpirate carry an assparrot?
  9. Tim 's Cascade Chips

    chip eating
  10. Favorite Booze related quotes

    like booze