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  1. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Anyone been to Franklin Falls lately? I am planning on going Sunday, I haven't been there and don't know how access is. I read online it is closed at the I90 ramps. From reading the WA ice book it suggests it is a 4 mile hike in from I90 (normally would drive 2 of them but the roads closed). Is it going to really be 8 mile snowshoe trip fom the on/off ramps?
  2. eastern WA ice this weekend?

    I would be 100% down. We are completely different directions so no carpooling would work, unfortunately. I am not from WA so I don't know the spots. I DO know banks lake is in and there is stuff that I would lead and we can top-rope. Know where banks lake is? It's a 2.5 hr drive from me, probably slightly longer for you. I have the weekend off but not sure about Monday the 16th. Unless you know something closer or between us that is in, maybe Leavenworth? You know of anything?
  3. Banks lake is in. Hit me up if you want to do some ice. If you know somewhere other than Banks, I'm game. I have this weekend open and the forecast looks like it is staying for a while. I have other weekends off too, but weather may swing obviously. -Kyle 530-524-9092 I'm in the tri cities.
  4. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    As of today. I drove through to see what there was and here are some road photos. A few people were climbing the small fall at the base of the punchbowl and it was in. If anyone wants to go there on a weekend let me know. I just snapped photos of a bunch of flows, I havent climbed in this state at all, need to find people to go with. Anyone?! EDIT: well links kinda work.
  5. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Anyone in central WA want to bring gear and check out some places? I found some document online and claimed there was some accessible stuff in Moses Coulee that I wanted to scope out. I have Friday and Saturday open.
  6. I moved here from Central NY where I lived for 4 years, where the ice climbing was pretty good. I have read that NW ice isn't all that reliable and I expect to drive a few hrs, but I need to find a partner. I suppose I could check in at REI too, they may have some info on ice climbing out here. Basically if anyone wants to to find ice let me know. I want to go check out a few places next weekend. With these temperatures something may come in. kyle.nicolls@gmail.com (dont frequent here) Oh and I work M-Th.
  7. Great Deal on Crampons

    PM on Sabretooths.
  8. Gear looking for new home

    Email on gators.
  9. FS: BD Sabers (Cromo), slings, QD's, ski helmet

    I want the Sabretooths. I will PM you.
  10. Hey still Ihave the jacket? I PM's ya's and didn't get a response.
  11. stolen gear, Corvallis, OR

    No, I'm SOL as of the moment. Back on looking for deals on this stuff. I just talked to a guy at Play it Again, he said he's heard of robberies in this general area. Not sure how recently, though.
  12. stolen gear, Corvallis, OR

    Thanks, do appreciate. Live on Dixon between Grant and Garfield. I've talked to the pawn shops in Albany and a few in Salem and Eugene. Going to Peak and Play it Again in a little.
  13. stolen gear, Corvallis, OR

    Do appreciate it. I'm watching it too.
  14. Feel free if this isn't the right spot. I looked around, as I haven't clearly not been on here before. Couldn't find any way to suggest otherwise. I posted this on Summit Post and Mountain Project, as well. ----------- Yeah last night (4/30/12) out of my truck at home in Corvallis between 12:30am when I got back from Thielsen and this morning. There is probably a few people from the area. I know I am SOL on probably most items. Simply too common around here. The pack, stove, helmet, axe, and gear-clothing are the lesser common and more ID'able. But here is a shot. I have already reported it. The butt-fucker(s) punched out my door lock. Now I have to fix it too. Any info PM/email me please. In the unlikely event. kyle.nicolls@gmail.com, links are good or even save photo's and attach if you are somehow highly suspect. Thanks, Kyle. Jacket, pants, crampons, helmet, pack, gaiters.... Softshell, helmet, light, technically my pant legs too as they were zipped off. Gregory Baltoro 75L. This is the best photo of my harness and that crap hanging off it. OR Virtuoso was stowed away inside. You will probably never see one of these stoves either. SIGG Firejet. THink they stopped making them 10+ years back. Oh that Ti backcountry pot was in there too. Anyhow, a list: SIGG white gas stove + bottle GREGORY Baltoro backpack brown/gray 75L OR Furio goretex jacket brown 2-tone OR Black leather/enduraloft gloves OR Black polyester gloves OR Virtuoso black/brown down jacket OR Croc gaiters black/green Petzl olive green Elios helmet Ice axe, blue shaft black pick BD strap-on crampons BD belay devices BD locking carribeaners BD wire-gates BD harness BD headlamp Bergaus goretex bib, black Columbia black balaclava Under Armour black beanie Backcountry.com titanium pot/flatware silver-ish Sherpa softshell 2-tone blue Smartwool heavy mountaineer socks and white liners Leatherman WAVE pocket knife