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  1. I have lived in Spokane for a year and have been expoloring the Selkirks, Cabinets and Bitterroots. Looking for partners to climb, hike, backpack, bushwack or explore. I love climbing moderate alpine routes and have spent the last 15 years climbing in the Cascades. Shoot me an email benfredpete@hotmail.com Call or text 360-220-3211
  2. What a great trip. I like the extended version over Primus down to Thunder Ck. Loop trips are always gratifying.
  3. What a great trip. I like the extended version over Primus down to Thunder Ck. Loop trips are always gratifying.
  4. [TR] Seven Fingered Jack (7FJ) - SW Slope 8/18/2013

    Nice. I don't have kids, but I have had my dogs up 7FJ (Teal rest in peace). Just got a new pup, 7 weeks old, yesterday we climbed Hadley Peak. Got to get them out early.
  5. Nice. Glad you guys got out there, it is such a cool area. The bush whack can definitely be a little demoralizing after a long day. I crossed Green Creek at about 3000 ft and was able to just hop across some rocks. I would love to take a machete to the forest!
  6. Trip: Barbara, Nancy and the Southern Sisters - Date: 7/16/2013 Trip Report: I climbed Twin Crest Peak, Saddle Slab Peak, Shirley Peak, Trisolace Peak, Barbara Peak and Nancy Peak on July 15 and 16. I wanted to mix things up so headed up the Elbow Lk trail, past Elbow Lk and down the other side towards Pioneer Horse Camp. I left the trail at 2650 ft from a switch back and contoured until I hit the open basin. I found remnants of an old trail, old prospector trail maybe, bush shwacked for an hour before the valley opened up. Headed up towards Cinderella and took a ramp from right to left that popped me out between Twin Crest and Saddle Slab, 6.5 hrs approximately. Climbed Twin Crest and Saddle Slab, then set up camp just south of Saddle slab on a nice bench with running water and a great view over the Puget Sound, Vancouver Island and Olympics. The next morning I set off about 6:30 and climbed Shirley with Jesse Dog, his only summit, then carried over. Followed a bench over a west spur of one of Tisolace peaks towards the tallest, southern peak. Climbed a minor rib next from left to right, next to the descent gully, solid rock. The summit register showed the last party was in 09 and the previous was 05. Next made my way to Barbara. Left the dog at here, I wanted to climb the central rib on the NW face but mid way up, it got very steep so I bumped right to a gully, which had a nice open book, sisters style slab to the summit. Descended the S gully on Barbara and headed for the central rib on NW face of Nancy. The rib was less rib and more blocky, but good rock led to the steep upper head wall. Quality 4th class (5.4) slab to the summit. Descended west, then back across the NW face via ledges to snow. On the way back to camp I stayed low, west of the peaks following benches and weakness. Camp to camp 4 hrs. On the way out I went past Boot Lake to the saddle between Little Sister and Cinderella, 1.5 hrs from camp. Then down and out Green Creek. The shwack from the river to the Elbow Lk trail only took 1 hr and 15 min! If I were going out there again I would head up Green Ck, but the variation was nice for a change. I have now climbed all the peaks in the Twin Sisters Range (besides Last Sister and Step Sister, but they are very minor). Jesse Boy in the meadows below Cinderella Twin Crest Saddle Slab from the summit of Twin Crest. I climbed the slab to the N summit, on the left, very low angle. Also on the S summit I climbed a 20 ft granite patch. View South from Twin Crest, from R to L, Shirley, Trisolace, Barbara and Nancy Shirley Jesse on the summit of Shirley looking north. He required a few moves of aid. NW face of Trisolace, climbed a rib just right of the big scar leading L to R, which I descended Summit register on Trisolace looking north. An ascent every 4 years NW face of Barbara. Climbed the central rib till mid way then moved right to gully, good rock Summit shot on Barbara looking north NW face of Nancy from summit of Barbara Upper head wall on Nancy Jesse Boot Lake looking at Twin Crest Jesse at the Little Sister, Cinderella saddle Gear Notes: Ice ax and crampons, never used crampons, but still like to have them Approach Notes: Green Creek shwack, had good luck at around 2870 and 2900 ft.
  7. Trip: Twin Sisters Range - Various - Date: 6/28/2013 Trip Report: I headed into Green Creek on Thursday, hoping for clearing skies, nope. I made it to the basin completely saturated. I found a large boulder to huddle under and rung out every piece of clothing (at least it wasn't cold). I had intended to try The Green Creek Circuit and bivy on the S Twin the first night, but weather changed my plans. The cloud layer was hanging at mid-height on the Arete and I didn't feel confident heading up it into the clouds. I had been up to Cinderella before, and thinking that if the weather cleared on Friday I would at least be up high and in good position, so I headed up into the cloud bank following the meandering ridge along the left hand flank of the Green Creek Glacier, using the rocks as a handrail. Topped out on Cinderella at 6:30, sorry no picture, imagine a few rocks in the clouds and one soaking wet dude. Found a spot to camp down the ridge a little way, again rung out every piece of clothing and settled in for some moist sleeping. Woke to clear skies. South Twin at Sunrise Mt Baker I circled around south, then west of Little Sister and dropped into the basin below Hayden. Basin below Little Sister I made the next saddle to the east of Hayden and dropped down again and circled under the west ridge of Skookum. Climbed the Jaws Tooth and then Skookum. The slabs on Jaws Tooth were a little spooky for me, so I climbed out to the left and on to the top. Looking up Jaws Tooth, with Skookum on the right. Skookum From the notch between Skookum and Jaws looking at Cinderella Mt Baker Skookum summit shot, with S Twin in background Cinderella and Little Sister Hayden Interesting clouds on Mt Baker I descended the S ridge of Skookum and made my way back to the E saddle of Hayden and traversed the south side of the ridge to the snow notch, and climbed the E ridge bypassing some gandarms. I found it enjoyable climbing and wished I had down climbed it rather than dropping down the steep snow. Summit shot from Hayden looking South with Little Sister on the left I then bumped over to the W face of Little Sister and climbed the spine to the right of the one Darin climbed. I started out on the left spine due to a huge moat, then crossed over to the right hand spine. This is definitely my new favorite climb in the Sisters. Very solid rock, class 4 with some 5.4. Awesome! Looking up the start of the W face on Little Sister Summit Shot form Little Sister, looking at Hayden on left and Skookum and S Twin on right Unclimbed Peak to the west of Little Sister? (no longer) South Sisters Range Camp, Little Sister and S Twin Looking back up the Green Creek Glacier Gear Notes: Ice ax and Crampons. Be ready for some steep snow. Approach Notes: Schwack
  8. Really great trip Darin. Probably the best TR all year (oh, excepet for your Utah TR). Did you see the cables and batteries on the NE ridge of S Twin? There must have been a lookout up there. I have really been wanting to ski the N face of Hayden. I have also been curious of the E ridge of Cinderella. Any pictures looking south from Little Sister.
  9. Trip: Mt Remmel - Date: 6/19/2012 Trip Report: Post dated trip from June. Just thought I would through this out there since there are some good dog shots. Went in via Andrews Ck, up to Meadows Lk, connected with Colman Ridge and camped on the S ridge of Pt 8318. Climbed Pt 8313 in morning and wanted to stay on the ridge to Mt Remmel, but class 4 scrambling with the dog forced me off the ridge and onto the snow field. Jesse did great with the scrambling, I would down climb while he stayed, then I would lower him down. About 100 ft of this, then steep snow where I would kick down and then call Jesse, the snow was too steep for him to stop, so I would stop him when he would come sliding down. Did 4, 50ft sections of this, great dog! Rest was snow trudging up. On the way down to Andrews Ck, there is an unmaintained and unmarked trail from Colman Ridge in the flats, I happened onto it last year, so just used it again to make a loop. Comes out near Peapsight Ck.
  10. Trip: South Twin Sister - West Ridge Date: 8/1/2012 Trip Report: My friend Greg and I rode his motorcycle up the Blue Mt logging roads to the trail head. First part of the trail on the old road is very bushy, but once into the old forest the trail is easily followed. We gained the ridge early, no snow, and scrambled the rest of the way. There are a hundred different ways to go at first, but once the veggitation is cleared the route becomes clear. Mainly climbed on the south side, but bounced to the north around a point 1000 ft below the summit. The rock there is so grippy and the scrambling is very plesant. The South Twin is much longer than the North but really good. We descended the NE ridge to the Sisters Glacier and down climbed the col between N and S Sisters.
  11. The only downer for the dog was that there was no water within 3 miles of the trail head. On the way back he was stopping at every shade and within the last mile he was laying down at every shade and I was giving him water every 3 shades. The last mile took forever.
  12. Trip: Pasaytan Wilderness 7/16-18/12 - Date: 7/23/2012 Trip Report: Took my dog Jesse on a loop from Chewuch River to Horseshoe Basin, over to Apex Pass and back down. 48 miles and 6 peaks. First day climbed Topaz Mtn (7792) and camped near Sunny Pass. The next day we hustled to the top of Horseshoe Mtn (8000) to beat the lightning. Laouden Lk with Horseshoe Mtn The growing thunderstorms prevented me from climbing Arnold and Armstrong so I moved on. Soon the thunder heads disipated and the fog with drizzle settled in. We strolled up Haig Mtn (7865) and conected the ridge over Teapot Dome (7608) and up to Bauerman Ridge (8044). Great terrain and awsome views. Lake near Teapot Dome This cool looking prow, Dr Johnson Pt, above Scheelite Lk has a route by Pete Doorish. His climb goes to the left side of the white wall, but there was a steller looking crack system right up the middle and on the right. Bauerman Ridge On top of Apex Mtn From camp looking west to Cathedral Peak I hustled up Wolframite Mtn (8137) before heading down the long, hot, dusty trail. Tungsten Mine
  13. Thanks for sharing all the photos on your blog. Looks like a great trip.
  14. [TR] The Mole - North Face 5/19/2012

    I love the picture of the Rat Creek Group. Looks like fun pinicles.
  15. Bibler Fitzroy $400