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  1. Joe Puryear...RIP

    Damn. This is really bad news, Joe was a super solid dude with a great heart and spirit. Really bummed about this news. Erik Just saw this over on another site:
  2. Fire Started by Fire Fighter?

    My personal favorite, the serial arsonist arson investigator! John Leonard Orr
  3. Seattle Cop Shoots Homeless Native WoodCarver

    Oh, sorry to assault your delicate sensibilities, Dru. I didn't realize I was the first one ever to learn about something from another source! OMG!!11 WTF? A whole month ago? Weak, Dude. This is my home town, where I lived downtown and saw shit go down, and you call me out for missing it by 3 weeks? Get a life, man. Or wax poetic about how you were on the streets of Seattle, and got some street cred or STFU better yet.
  4. Seattle Cop Shoots Homeless Native WoodCarver

    Not a single comment on the actual content. Must be rough, being smarter than everyone and so jaded, Dru. I searched through 2 months of posts and didn't see a thread - so, show me the link, smart guy.
  5. Seattle Cop Shoots Homeless Native WoodCarver

    So just because they don't let homeless people use/do drugs in their bathrooms they deserve to be blamed for the homeless' public urination. I love the lack of personal accountability. Not all who wander are lost. I used to get approached quite a bit for money. Often, when I was in-between calls, i would say: "I'll give you money if you tell me your story." I was very surprised how many people had simply come on hard times. Nice of you to group them all as bathroom drug-users - you got a big heart, I can tell
  6. Seattle Cop Shoots Homeless Native WoodCarver

    Shooting an old, feeble man FOUR TIMES for having a LEGAL knife and simply not responding to you really smacks of aggression, IMO. Why not return to your vehicle and call for back-up? Use a taser at the very least - Jesus. I was a bicycle courier in Seattle for two years, and can tell you: Seattle cops were very unforgiving in regards to the indigent. I witnessed multiple harassment and citations for small offenses - vagrancy (no money), pan-handling, indecent exposure for peeing when the local businesses wouldn't even let them use the restrooms, loitering, public drunkenness, and a plethora of other minor offenses. It was readily apparent that this hassling served to discourage them from choosing Seattle as a place to try and live.
  7. Safe for work?

    Did you get the memo? I'll just go ahead and send you another copy.
  8. Denny's film

    I have a copy.
  9. Frozen: The Movie!

    Wow! This looks soooo bad: [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh06NgPWur4
  10. what age is 'too old'

    If they start looking at you strangely because of your antiquated references, and you can't keep up - you are too old. Hope that helps.
  11. Link to Announcement Please tell your friends and climbing partners to be on the look-out for shady deals on gear!
  12. R.I.P. - Tomaz Humar

  13. My Book is FINALLY Published, Yay!

    The hot yoga chick posing down not good enough for you, Hugh? Ya just can't please everyone... PICTURE FAIL!
  14. Beacon Rock Thread

    I was waiting for this huge moment where the best climbing merged with the best food - thank you, Mr. Administrator! **ass-kiss gif**
  15. This jacket is in good shape, with 3 small burn holes that have been repaired with hot glue (see pictures). It is 800+ fill (my buddy Todd at FF had extra fill put in for me), guaranteed to keep you toasty in even the coldest of belays. Priced to sell! $100 + shipping
  16. Jacket is sold pending payment.
  17. I almost forgot - it's got the Epic treatment, too.
  18. Bacon - Meat Perfection

  19. Just finished the article. It simply sent chills down my spine. The 6th time got Micah, according to his own reporting. Just stunning. Edited for clarification - thanks
  20. CC.com Dance Party!

  21. what is your favorite source of bacon?

    Yum Yum
  22. Death due to rope failure

    Nice, Bill! Here's the disclaimer for the new Sedona guide - seems like a good place to put it... LIABILITY DISCLAIMER CLIMBING IS A DANGEROUS SPORT! Involvement in rock climbing carries a significant risk of personal injury or death. CLIMB AT YOUR OWN RISK! The authors of this guidebook recommend the use of professional instruction before entering into the sport. Please become knowledgeable about the risks involved and be willing to assume personal responsibility for your actions. WARNING: CLIMBING IS A SPORT WHERE YOU MAY BE SERIOUSLY INJURED OR DIE. READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE YOU USING THE INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN THIS GUIDEBOOK. This guide is a compilation of unverified information gathered from many different climbers. The authors cannot assure the accuracy of any information in this guide, including the maps and route descriptions, quality ratings, the difficulty ratings, and the protection ratings. These may be incorrect or misleading and it is impossible for every route to be climbed by the authors to confirm the information about each route. Also, ratings of climbing difficulty and danger are always subjective and depend on the physical characteristics (for example, height), experience, technical ability, confidence and physical fitness of the climber who supplied the rating. Additionally, climbers who achieve first ascents sometimes under-rate the difficulty or the danger of the climbing route out of fear of being ridiculed if a climb is later down-rated by subsequent ascents. Therefore, be warned that you must exercise your own judgment on where a climbing route goes, its difficulty and your ability to safely protect yourself from the risks of rock climbing. Examples of some of these risks include: falling due to technical difficulty or due to natural hazards such as holds breaking, falling rocks, climbing equipment dropped by other climbers, hazards of weather and lightning, your own equipment failure and failure or absence of fixed protection. You should not depend on any information gleaned from this guidebook for your personal safety; your safety depends on your own good judgment, based on experience and a realistic assessment of your climbing ability. If you have any doubt as to your ability to safely climb a route described in this guidebook, do not attempt it. The following are ways to make you use of this guidebook safer: 1. CONSULTATION: You should consult with other climbers about the difficulty and danger of a particular climb prior to attempting it. Most local climbers are glad to give advice on routes in their area and we suggest that you contact locals to confirm ratings and safety of particular routes and to obtain first-hand information about a route chosen from this guidebook. 2. INSTRUCTION: Most climbing areas have local climbing instructors and guides available. We recommend that you engage an instructor or guide to learn safety techniques and to become familiar with the routes and hazards of the areas described in this guidebook. Even after you are proficient in climbing safely, occasional use of a guide is a safe way to raise your climbing standard and learn advanced techniques. 2. FIXED PROTECTION: Many of the routes in this guidebook use bolts and pitons, which are permanently placed in rock. Because of variances in the manner of placement, weathering, metal fatigue, the quality of the metal used, and many other factors, these fixed protection pieces should always be considered suspect and should always be backed up by equipment that you place yourself. Never depend on a single piece of fixed protection because you can never tell whether it will hold weight, and in some cases, fixed protection may have been removed or is now absent. Be aware of the following specific potential hazards which could arise in using this guidebook: 1. MISDIRECTION OF ROUTES: If you climb a route and you have doubt as to where the route may go, you should not go on unless you are sure that you can go that way safely. Route descriptions and topos in this guidebook may be inaccurate or misleading. 2. INCORRECT DIFFICULTY RATING: A route may, in fact, be more difficult than the rating indicates. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the difficulty rating. 3. INCORRECT PROTECTION RATING: If you climb on a route and you are unable to arrange adequate protection from the risk of falling through the use of fixed pitons or bolts and by placing your own protection devices, do not assume that there is adequate protection available higher just because the route protection rating indicates the route is not an "X" or an "R" rating. Every route is potentially an “X” rating (where a fall may be deadly), due to the inherent hazards of climbing including, for example, failure or absence of fixed protection, your own equipment's failure, or improper use of climbing equipment. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, THAT THIS GUIDEBOOK IS ACCURATE OR THAT THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN IT IS RELIABLE. YOUR USE OF THIS GUIDEBOOK INDICATES YOUR ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK THAT IT MAY CONTAIN ERRORS AND IS AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF YOUR OWN SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.
  23. Some Hammers

    Hey you forgot one: