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  1. Quotes about climbing

    "my once keen analytical mind has become so dulled by endless hours of baking in the hot sun,thrashing about in tight chimneys,pulling at impossibly heavy loads,freezing my ass off....so that now my mental state is comparable to that of a peruvian indian,well stoked on coca leaves" Warren Harding
  2. The glorious return of DFA

  3. WARNING!!!!!!!!

    Just picking
  4. I need your advice

    Everyone knows your not gay.Go with it man!
  5. WARNING!!!!!!!!

    Dude dont take it so seriously... Its just a bbs
  6. WANTED:

    Traverse in Boulder river wilderness.I was thinking Mt.Dickerman-Twin Peaks-Mt.Forgoten-Stillaguamish Pk. Also thinking Whitehorse Mt.-5931-Salish-Three fingers-Big bear Mt.Just looking through the green book. Never been there so all info will be appreciated. Any other/better routes? Looking for class 4 to easy class 5. The less snow the better.Leaving july 10 pm.I will return July 13. As opposed to traveling light and fast I will be going heavy and slow.
  7. Eiger Sanction vs. Cliffhanger

    the best part of cliffhanger is Stallone's climbing double. Mr. Ron Kauk.
  8. "Describe Trask" Contest

    Listen to finger fuckin sally by David allen coe. pretty much sums up trask.
  9. Self Matters June 26

    "along with your pants comes down your pride"
  10. Are You Shitting Me?

    That wont work Josh it makes too much sense.
  11. Are You Shitting Me?

    The recoding industry was also afraid of cassette tapes.Why dont the artist negotiate better contracts?
  12. Had an incident last night

    you're like batman!
  13. Are You Shitting Me?

  14. Are You Shitting Me?

    Im done with the music industry.Remember the money made from every cd you now buy could be used to sue you.
  15. YATES

    anyone know any shops that carrys yates around the puget sound?I am looking for a shield harness.
  16. YATES

    Sorry MR. Simpkins
  17. whats up with everett TR

    Whilst quenching my thirst Im talking to this girl. she asked me to buy her a beer and I did. I bought her another and had the beer tender call me a cab. so im sitting there drinking my beer and my cab shows up. Im half finished, stand up to put my pack on and she asked me if she could finish my beer.I have never experianced such a thing before.is this the elusive everett barsnaffle or what?Of course I finished my beer.Ive been up here since march and experianced some wierd shit.I guess its time to go back to enumclaw where people are at least somewhat normal.
  18. YATES

    Thanks I tried a different search and came up with marmot mw.I would buy it from yates site but i would like to try it on first.
  19. I might not be able to post for a while, so....

    I now know there is a god.
  20. whats up with everett TR

    Thanks for the info FS.I just want to go have a beer after work one nite a week.Ill try that pig place next week.
  21. whats up with everett TR

    Dude I thought she was going to start eating out of the garbage can next but I had to go.
  22. Walmart.com

    Just look at the big picture.I know you have many years work experiance. SOrry to PISS you OFF.you have shown me the light.I will quit my union tommorow,tell my kids that Im sorry I lost my ins.,pension,401A and A voice in my working conditions and only buy products made in sweatshops.Fuck the gready american unions Im goin rat. Fence Sitter For President!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO
  23. Walmart.com

    FS you sure like to throw that hippie shit around when people dont agree with you! Walmart sucks.I was woking in Susanville Ca. and it was sad.Downtown was just about folded up because of wally world.The hunting store,the fishing store and others had to close because everyone passing through wanted to save a buck.Read the discrimination and anti union stories before you start calling everyone a hippie.I for one am not a god damn hippie and quite frankly hate most of those double talkin back stabbin god forsaken motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! www.WALMARTWATCH.COM You may get a lower price. But the poor old guy thats behinde the counter at the local fly shop and knows the local rivers like the back of his hand might not be there next week becuse he couldnt afford to buy 2 million fly rods and discount them 2 dollars. STOP THE BLIND CONSUMER CRAP GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY.START SUPPORTING WORKING FAMILIES
  24. Words of Wit on the Outhouse Walls

    Used Crack pipe for sale: lots of resin but still in good shape. See superintendent for details.