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  1. Canada Sucks

    Yeah your right,I thought it was called SOLIDARITY something that is not in the United States anymore. Good luck with your studies I have to get up early and go to work.(for 17 more years)
  2. Canada Sucks

    Oh thats right. Your in school suckin off your mamas teet still.While others are on strike fighting for a decent living.What are you going to be when you grow up? And if you remember fence its not my ass thats fat its my belly.
  3. Winning Hearts and Minds...Again

    Who would Jesus bomb?
  4. Northwest Wimmin

    Dude if you use my photo again without permission there will be financial repercusions!
  5. Northwest Wimmin

  6. Canada Sucks

    If its so bad why are you still up there? Suckin off mama C's teet or what?
  7. Northwest Wimmin

    Must be the climate?
  8. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Im fukin diein over here
  9. best of cc.com The Nodder?

  10. See You Later, Losers.

    Im taken my boots and goin home! Oi!
  11. Drug testing

    if you are not a frequent user a couple puffs probably wont show after 72 hours. You could get some "clean urine" a thermometer and a cup of coffee.get to place take container of urine and put in coffee until 100 degrees.now this is gonna sting a little but take container and put under nutsack.I think you can guess the rest. For added security wear battman ball busters. I have worked with guys that have used the herbal snake oils and all have been dischaged.
  12. The Brother's beta

    Just got back last nite.Trail 821 (brothers) had very soft snow about 2/3 of the way up.Every so often I would sink up to thigh.Turned around because I was alone and didnt want to get my sissy butt injured on the rocks and brush that was hidden under snow.
  13. please do. I personaly look at the shop reports with an open mind.
  14. room for rent

    room for rent in queen anne/freemont area.small unfurnished bedroom.Basic cable with cable internet included.325 a month plus half of electric.Oil heat is extra if needed.(Im not using) PM me if you are interested
  15. room for rent

    no ? if i only stay there 1/2 the time is the rent only 1/2 too? for you there would be no rent.I would be honered just to be in your god like posting presance
  16. room for rent

    Its an apartment in a fourplex.Its light and airy with a living room/dinning room,kitchen,two bedrooms and one bathroom.Has washer and dryer hook ups(I will be buying W/D next month) I have two daughters who are with me every other weekend but we usually dont hang out around the house.the place is really quite except for some traffic noise. is OK But please no Or
  17. Parable

  18. Parable

    ant comes from wealthy family. ant uses trust fund to build house and prepare for winter. grasshopper comes from single parent house in low income housing project. momma grasshopper dies from drug o.d. grasshopper lives on street in ant hills development. Ants say grasshopper is just too lazy to work. grasshopper laughs because its not easy to get a job with no address and no education. Winter comes and grasshopper dies of exposer while ant family is safe and comfortable in there nice little world. nobody misses grasshopper.
  19. Trad Rap

    A white boy singing a Elvis song about the ghetto. The end is near.
  20. Theft

    six foot one 250# of drunken whup ass comming out from behind a bush with nothing but a mexican wrestling mask, a cape,a baseball bat and a g-string should detour any would be thieves.
  21. Theft

    Just fyi,... buy me beer,I'll sit in the bushes and beat the living shit out of the cranksters that try to steal anything from your parked car.Im too fat to climb with most of you but I do love getting outdoors.
  22. Teamsters Play Hardball with Darigold

    Yes,in a riht to work state you dont have to join the union to work in a union shop. If you study these states you will find the wages and benifits are very low.Idaho,texas,nevada just to name a few.I work construction so I cant tell you how factorys work altough Im sure its in there collective barganing agreement.This would help prevent union busting.
  23. Teamsters Play Hardball with Darigold

    Nobody cares until it happens to them.Then there the tech worker saying"I went to college and played by the rules and now there outsourcing my job after I told them how to do it"
  24. Outsourcing: Evidence of the failure of US educati

    Outsourcing is good.another twenty years and the majority of americans be wage slaves for wal mart.Youll work there and only be able to afford to shop there.I love the new world order!
  25. Teamsters Play Hardball with Darigold

    Gregw you should pack up and move to mexico where the unions have no power and all workers are rewarded based on performance.I worked 13 years non union (merit shops) and if I recieved everything that was ever promised Id be a rich somebitch right now.Yes employers on the whole do reward good hard work.They have to or the employees get pissed and get organized.This is what I did.I joined the union 6 years ago and have never been happier.If you dont want to be union dont join one.But please,dont judge all unions based on your bad experiance.I get sick of people talkin shit and saying "they never did anything for me" well people its not just about you.