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  1. Car-to-car

    My preferred time frame for most cascade climbs is 1.5 days. Drive to TH, hike in to camp the afternoon the day before the climb then have a lavish dinner with copious amounts of liquor. Next day, climb at a leisurely pace and hike out with plenty of daylight left. I unfortunately don't have that luxury very often. Car to car, Seattle to Seattle climbs in a day often result in a dangerous bleary eyed drive home. Thank god for those vibradores on the side of I5
  2. Annual migration to Norther Vancouver Island

    404 error for http://zulu/wapiti/directions.html
  3. Does your job suck?

    While their climbing tick list is very impressive, I think their most impressive achievement is the fact they're not at each other's throat. I certainly couldn't be hanging out with my SO for 2 years in a bus, climbing or not!
  4. Adams Saturday 7/3?

    Seattle to Seattle in 1 day. South spur or SW chutes. Leaving town around 5-6 am and taking advantage of the long daylight to summit and come back down on the same day. Have car, will drive. Email me if interested : vpayette@hotmail.com
  5. [TR] Magic Mtn- Magic Mtn couloir 6/4/2004

    nice one! chemtrails? Where are the nice tele turns pics? Go flames go!
  6. Utah Powder

    I'll be in Park city this weekend > 90 inches of powder since oct 30th at Alta... Baker's got 10 inches of cascade cement last night...
  7. Who's gained some weight?!

    dead link
  8. cable modem vs dsl

    I'm in the same boat as Ursa. No land line so I'm stuck with Comcast.
  9. favorite all-time movie

    pulp fiction... so much better than anything I've ever seen. Any other movie is not worth mentioning in the same list as pulp fiction. one of my highlights of the movie is how the fox handles the "bonnie situation"
  10. North Cascades Highway

    North Cascade Highway is now open! (Almost a month earlier than last year!) http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/regions/northcentral/Maint/Area3/nc2003/