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  1. Mt. Rose beta

    Anyone been up Mt. Rose lately? I'm heading up this weekend and have never been there. Is this just a hike, or do I need to be prepared for steep snow & ice/route finding, etc.?
  2. I am looking for a place to climb this weekend where it isn't raining or burning. Anyone got any bright ideas?
  3. TR: Touching the Void

    I'm dying to see this movie, but it's not supposed to be released until Jan 23. Where are you seeing it now?!
  4. Climbers and Intelligence

    This explains a lot. Like sitting around the campfire listening to my climbing buddies' animated discussion of the physics behind the z-pulley. My low score of 124 may be why I found the evening boring as heck.
  5. Partners Who Bail

    I had a partner bail on a weekend climb because she had too much canning to do. Canning! Pears and apples. To add insult to injury - she didn't even give me a jar! Where are peoples' priorities?!
  6. So what is conglomerate rock all about? I was recently in Monserrat and people were climbing all over this stuff. I've never really seen it before, & would be afraid it would crumble. Anyone been climbing there or somewhere like it?
  7. Seattle shops that carry boots

    If you're heading north anyway... keep going and check MED. They had a pretty good selection last time I was in there.
  8. Around-and-over Journey

    I was there too. What an amazing story!! Erden is crazy, but such a cool guy. His presentation is well worth a few hours of your time. He is interested in sharing his experience and the project with kids, so if anyone knows of a local school, girls & boys club, etc that might enjoy the presentation, let him know.
  9. Disappearing routes at Interstate Park

    Bummer! That was my favorite route in the area. I wonder what the deal is?
  10. The Mountaineers?

    Might I suggest the Boeing Alpine Club Intermediate Class? They won't make you take a rigorous basic equivalency test and I understand they are quite flexible in the class. You can pick some of your own climbs and be paired up with highly experienced people as mentors. I don't think it's very expensive either.
  11. Any WA Peak unattainable w/in 24hrs?

    Do you mean reach the peak within 24 hrs, or bag the peak AND return to the trailhead within 24 hrs?
  12. Q re late season climbing on Hood

    Geez, people on this site are mean! It was dark. I didn't see the rocks until we were coming down.
  13. Q re late season climbing on Hood

    I went up the standard route on Hood last week, and frankly, would not have gone had I known what the rock fall situation was like. There were large rocks littering the snow around us from about 9000 feet to the summit. The nastiest area is the snow chute you climb through ( I think this might be called "pearly gates") right before you get to the summit. There is a sand pile loaded with hurking boulders perched precariously on one another, and it's right above you. Plus, people tend to bottleneck in this area, so it's difficult to move as quickly as you should. I'm surprised there aren't more serious injuries here considering the number of people trekking through there every day. I would only do this route in winter/early spring. Also, I would pack skis/snowboard and stash at the top of the ski runs. The hike back down was looooong!
  14. Crags around Glacier/Baker

    I also found this place difficult to locate. The "easy" climbs weren't so easy for me! I slipped on the moss and ended up hanging on a 5.4! Oh the shame! Oh yeah, and it was an overhanging 5.4 - like that's even possible! That was a few weeks ago, maybe the moss is at least dry by now.
  15. Size matters?

    Okay, how on earth do you manage 5 days on Rainier with 3000 and 28 lbs?! Please tell me what you have in that pack. I trimmed my pack down as much as I thought possible last weekend and still ended up with 30 lbs without the rope! I really need to get on board with this 'light and fast' thing, but despite my best efforts, remain heavy and slow...