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  1. Smith "Great Roof" Free at 14b?

    Where is the Great Roof?
  2. Climbing near Palm Springs?

    j-tree is great. We loved it, but we roasted in April. I can't imagine it in August.
  3. gapertimmy needs you!

    Who do you expect to find for less than 3k a month? I would love to work a bachy, but that is less than 36k a year!
  4. Canada access for those that have been rejected

    Nope this is statewide. The new guidelines went into effect sometime in July. That is why my wife is compiling the judges bench book.
  5. Canada access for those that have been rejected

    Actually you don't even need an lawyer anymore. They are trying to promote deffered sentences. If it is your first offense and you plead guily it is pretty much automatic. And yes it does go on your record.
  6. Canada access for those that have been rejected

    pursuant to RCW 46.61.502(5), Driving Under the Influence "is a gross misdemeanor." And no, most first time offenders are not offered differed prosecutions. Unless they have a good lawyer, of course. Actually, if you agree to a breath test if offered and are under about .15 you can request a deferred setence. You will need to have an ignition interlock in your car, admit you have a substance abuse problem and attend substance abuse counseling. but it is possible. The rules have changed this summer. My wife is writing up the bench book for sentencing guidelines for Washington state this summer and it should be in the hands of your favorite judge by this fall. The best thing to do under the current law (if you arn't too wasted) is to agree to everything, admit you have a problem and go deffered. You are pretty much garenteed to get off, albeit with several hundred $ of new electronics in your car and the prospect of not ever drinking again.
  7. Sexual Harassment

    We could discuss JOEBIALEK's post, but as far as I can tell it is just a tall tale. He doesn't post any verifible facts, just a bunch of hype to get people riled up. My experience is opposite to his claimed facts. Women in the workplace seem to be dressing more conservativly than 15 years ago (for the most part, there are always exceptions). Sexual harassment claims are handled calmly and fairly. I have never had to, or seen, anyone disiplined for sexual harassment. I have seen people cautioned, but that is no big deal. As far as I can tell JOEBIALEK is just hyping a bunch of made up facts to get reactions. A very right wing thing to do.
  8. The death penalty...

    I would be for the death penalty if it could be done switfly and accuratly. The reality is everyone gets an appeal by default. With a little fight they can delay for many years. Then 10 to 15 years later they get another moment in the spotlight when they are executed. Their crimes are often rehashed and, to some, glamorized. In the current situation I think the best course of action is to lock them up and let the public and press forget about them. No more hogging the spotlight many years after the crime. It is also cheaper.
  9. The death penalty...

    bestiality? Well that would wipe out most of this board. BTW what ever happened to Trask?
  10. European Climbing Areas

    Has anyone done le Verdon? We were looking at that for next spring. We are 10a sport climbers maybe 5.8 trad. Are there good 1 to 2 pitch sport routes? We loved Railay Thailand this year and may go back there instead, but we would like to get back to France. We have done some boldering at Fontainbleau and loved it, but we are more into sport now.
  11. WTF? More LR trouble

    man this year is bad.http://www.king5.com/topstories/stories/NW_061704WABrainierclimbersKC.27131e407.html
  12. new gym in sodo?

    cool, but will you honor VW memberships?
  13. new gym in sodo?

    I want them to open one in Tacoma! I live in Federal Way and it is a long drive to Magnolia. I work in Fremont, so that helps. More gyms in the south end would help me get the family climbing more.
  14. Access warning

    I KNOW THE ACT! It is being regularly ignored. If they want to enforce the drilled anchor ban then we need to call bulshit on their use of power equipment to create trails for pedistrians. The creation of trail by the use of power equipment is justified by the ACT. But that doesn't stop them. They are placating the trail crews who don't want to do everything by hand.
  15. Access warning

    I KNOW THE ACT! It is being regularly ignored. If they want to enforce the drilled anchor ban then we need to call bulshit on their use of power equipment to create trails for pedistrians.