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  1. follow the leader

    The debate was somewhat more esoteric than a specific question relating to my actual ability/desire to lead difficult routes. My partner and I were recently in Leavenworth. He got himself into a bit of trouble on lead. We'd had the debate at the time about his ability to lead the route. Fortunately all's well that ends well and no one was hurt or anything like that. It did however lead to knocking back more than a few beers to soothe some nerves. We began to discuss our respective history of leading routes. It was just interesting to really think about how and why we each made or decisions. I'm not strong enough right now that I'd really choose to lead anything. I know exactly what I could lead now if I needed to. I tend to be very comfortable w/my abilities and which routes I will lead and when I won't. I'm not a particularly ambitious climber so I've got no sense of urgency about leading the tough stuff. I'll get there again but for now it's just nice to be back on the rocks.
  2. follow the leader

    those 2 foot run outs are b!tch better stick to something easier than a 5.7 next time
  3. follow the leader

    thanks for the answers! It's not so much that I'm worried about what I should and shouldn't lead. It was more of a theoretical question raised over a few beers. I am/was very conservative and my regular climbing partner is more of a risk taker. We were talking sh!te about our reasons. He pretty much figures that if he's climbed it once he can lead it. "i've made the moves on that over hang, i can lead it" I think leading is as much or more about your pro sense as it is about your ability to get up crag. I've been taking a break for about 5 years so I'm not leading anything for a while!!
  4. A quiz about your car or truck

    The audi is great. It wasn't that much more expensive than my golf and it was the same price as my friends subaru. BUT I still think the best climbing/backpacking/xcskiing/all around alpine activitie we've got is our old Pathfinder. Wouldn't want a new one but if you only want it for a few weekends a year go find a used one of these. Buy the car you want to drive everyday and pick up used rig for the fun and games
  5. A quiz about your car or truck

    and an afterthought... My insignificant other has a an audi A4. It may be the best snow vehicle we've got. It wasn't all that expensive.
  6. A quiz about your car or truck

    I have 2. I have an early 90s Nissan Pathfinder. It's perfect for alpine activities and a VW golf. 3 occasions this year my car would've been inadequate to get there. 2X were ground clearance issues 1X 4WD The golf is great in the snow w/good tires. It's almost better than the 4WD of the Pathfinder on snowy roads. I love my pathfinder in Snow off road situations. Can you keep your toyota? That's what I did. Bought the Golf and keep the Pathfinder as a second vehicle. Do NOT by a newer pathfinder for this stuff.
  7. pm's

    Arggg! my pms worked once now it's not again. I guess I just can't get enough. Anyone else have this prob?
  8. pm's

    I dunno...you're confused about your sexuality? you forgot your midol? or beer, beer works too...beer works best.
  9. pm's

    why do my pms say that I have 2 unread but I don't see them anywhere?
  10. Script Error in Private messages

    i got the same error when checking my PMs
  11. Who went to the mountains today?

    scampered around Guye Peak. Once will be enough of that place.
  12. Best Beer in the World

    Obsidian Stout when i'm in the neighborhood, redhook winterhook "life's to short to drink cheap beer" "alcohol the reason for and the solution to all of life's problems" -homer simpson
  13. Cougars shouldn't mess with me!

    cougs = #7 huskies = #?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  14. I've been invited to tag along w/a group going to Guye Peak.(depending on weather) I can't find a lot of info on it. Anybody want to offer anything up? Where can I find some info? Is it worth doing this time of year? Routes? Approach?
  15. help a newbie out - Guye Peak

    Thanks! Have rope will travel! Can you suggest any good guide books for this one? All my cascades books are either lacking or sadly out of date.
  16. Learning trad

    I haven't climbed much in this area. It's great to get some name/locations of good routes. Where the easiest and closest trad routes to Tacoma/Seattle? I'm just getting back to it after taking several eons off.