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  1. Nice work fellas. I've been wackin' bush of a different sort the last month or so - it's been sooooooo long! HAHA
  2. HOLY SHIT MAN! Nice work fellas - looks like you rocked some cool shit. BTW, how deep was that crack?
  3. Burly it was. That trip is still making me yawn for some reason.
  4. you iron junky you "i'm gonna to pump you up!" Hey, revision to this week skykilo, I can do a 1 day midweek, but I'm out of the Chelan scene. So, lets do the Park Fri-Sat. or Sat.-Sun (of Labor Day weekend). Paul...that means you're in man if you are interested in baggin' that tour
  5. P.S. I asked Sky to find out if you could do midweek
  6. Wish I could, but I've got commitments over in Chelan
  7. Just curious if anyone has got any beta on conditions for the Park Glacier, and more particularly the headwall 'shrund? Was on the summit a couple of weeks ago, and noticed a well beaten climbers path straight up the Park. Any info. is greatly appreciated.
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