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  1. Help! I'm too drunk to log off,,,,.

    Bolt your head.
  2. Any rock on the west side of the range?

    I'm not too into the spray thing; but are you really as thick as you appear to be, as clearly evidenced by your posts? And what is this new topic in response to? I get exhausted by the constant negativity on this site, and yet you seem to need regular public (if anonymous) displays of amazement at your apparent social retardation. Please, go jump in a large body of water. And if there's no O2, our loss.
  3. I need a tent

    If you're under 5'8": Eldorado; if less, I-tent. Go for two doors.
  4. Contact Congress

    I honestly don't like being nickle and dimed to death, but relative to the cost of gear (100% retail mark-up), gas and transport; I'm willing to pay fees, as long as they go to resource preservation. The Republican party may not tax you to death; they will, however, sell every fuckin tree in the state, dig for coal in the remaining clear-cut then ensure that Weyerhauser doesn't pay a "user fee". God I miss Edward Abbey.
  5. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    What was the problem here? Couldn't we ask the dudes to just go puff outside? This is my first post on this site; when I saw how many hits this subject had, I had to look. And then I thought...Although I love the smell of good bud...Muir hut is kinda small.