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  1. REI appreciation thread:

    You live in Chicago, what do you expect?
  2. the climber's death

    I wonder if people knew they where going to die in a car accident if they would stop driving? If they knew they where going to die in a plane crash they would stop flying......... I could go on and on..... I suppose if you knew you where going to die doing "something" you would choose not to do it. Life is what you make it, choose your path wellworn or less travled and get on with it. You don't get a second chance. I enjoyed the thought, thanks,
  3. North Cascades Climbing Accident

    A memorial has been planned for John, Mark and Jo. Thursday, July 14 7pm to 10pm Mountaineers Club 300 3rd Ave W Seattle, WA (206) 284-6310 Guest can bring a dish to pass if they like and photos to share.
  4. Camp Muir - first timer

    Don't go until you have some hiking and backpacking experience. No sence in upsetting your family because you went down hill and fell into the nisqually or over compensated and fell in the paradise. No sence in wasting the time of climbing rangers on hikers who have no idea what they are doing. Please, don't go until you are able to make the trip without asking for "pointers" here on the internet. HIRE A GUIDE! Save us all the headache of watching another news report of experienced climbers dying on MOUNT RAINER! Go to Snow Lake with the rest of the newbies. Put in your time, learn something before you go and put your rescuers and risk. Leave Mike alone, he has awesome spring snow conditions and you would be just taking away his turns! My $2 bucks worth.
  5. South Spur Conditons

    Anyone have recent information regarding the south spur route. Road, snow conditions, to snow shoe or not to snow shoe? Thanks
  6. Baker Conditons - Coleman Headwall

    Anyone have any recent route conditon on Mt. Baker. Planning on the Coleman Headwall. Any info would be freaking great!
  7. Crevasses near Camp Muir?

    7200' on the Nisq. Glacier. Take the Morain trail and keep going. Plenty of deep holes out there.
  8. Climb: MT. Rainer-Fuhrer Finger Date of Climb: 6/2/2004 Trip Report: Does anyone have recent route conditions on the Fuhrer Finger? Thanks
  9. Emmons vs. DC/ID

    How is the Emmons as a two day trip?
  10. Ingraham Direct or DC

    Last week hot weather taken a toll on the upper mountain? Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Ingraham Direct or DC

    Has anyone been up these routes recently? Is the DC route open? Planning on Climbing one or the other next Saturday. Thanks
  12. DC Route Beta

    Anyone have any information on how the DC route is shaping up?
  13. St. Helens - Monitor Ridge Route

    Anyone been up the Monitor Ridge Route lately? Plan on going this Saturday and was wondering about current conditions. Thanks
  14. Mt. Adams South Spur

    Has anyone been up the the south spur recently? Planning a trip next weekend with a group of 8 and could use any current info. Thanks
  15. Garmont Boots

    I just purchased a pair of these boots. Love them.