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  1. Emmons vs. DC/ID

    This sounds great I have now heard several bids for the finger and it sounds like the conditions are good (and hopefully will remain so for the next two weeks). I will look into it more. Anyone have more thoughts on the technical difficulty of this route?
  2. Emmons vs. DC/ID

    Friends and I want to climb Rainier this summer and are currently working our butts into shape. We have climbed Adams and Baker via the standard trade routes in preparation. On Rainier I have climbed the DC midweek and had a great time. For this trip we are forced into a weekend slot and I have heard the crowds on the DC can be dangerous. I am thinking about heading to Emmons for lower crowds but the route looks somewhat boring. One glacier all the way up. Not that the DC is the bee's knees but it seems to have more geographic appeal. What do people think DC or Emmons (or perhaps Ingrahm Direct which will hopefully be an option within the next couple of weeks)?
  3. chair peak

    Considering the potential cluster at chair is there any other promising alpine ice near snoqualmie pass anybody would recomend? Thanks