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  1. Index early tomorrow

    Looking to get out this week. I have rope/rack and experience.
  2. Sorry. Missed the part about weekends.
  3. Index early tomorrow

    Get out there early and climb some 5.8 to 5.10 before traffic and heat? Get back in Seattle by 1 so my dog can poop outdoors?
  4. Weekday Trad Missions

    Thomas G. PM sent
  5. Weekday Trad Missions

    thanks. PM's sent
  6. Weekday Trad Missions

    Looking for experienced climber who is interested in safely and efficiently climbing moderates to mid-5.10. My longtime climbing partners can only climb weekends and evenings, but I often have stretches of weekdays free. I'm in Seattle and looking to get out to Leavenworth, Index, Vantage and North Cascades. Interested in getting lots of pitches in rather than doing 100' of max effort due to old joints. I've climbed for 35 years and done a lot of routes in Yosemite and Cascades.
  7. Death at the Coulee

    quote: Originally posted by Lambone: Doesn't it seem weird to you that a fall that generated enough force to break a carabiner and pull three big cams, only gave Erden a minor robe burn on his arm? He says that he didn't even feel it pull on his belay device... Lambone: Have you seen Erden's injury? I have and "minor" is not the right word to describe it. If you haven't seen it, why would you make this assessment? Please be patient as the post accident analysis is being done. I think your "Doesn't it seem wierd ..." comments are inappropriate at this time.
  8. Wide climbing shoes

    Just got a pair of La Sportiva Mega's. Wide, lined, pretty good sensitivity for a board lasted shoe. I love this shoe. Better for cracks though, if you're into that kind of thing.
  9. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    ooga booga! [ 05-30-2002, 05:57 PM: Message edited by: deeds ]
  10. New Marmot Climbing Jacket is size Large, XCR GoreTex. Terra Cotta (that's red folks). Retail is $430. Got the jacket 4 months ago. Haven't used it - won't use it. Trade for $280.
  11. This is a Pika single portaledge with rainfly. I got the long version - it's 6'4". The fly is perfect. The ledge and bed are excellent. It was used on two steep walls. I have a Fish double ledge that I will be using instead. Trade ya $180 for this sweet portaledge.
  12. These are the plastic yellow Koflach Expedition boots. They are US men's size 11.5. The boots are really stiffer than I need for slogging around the Cascades. They are more suited for Ice and for higher colder places. They have been worn around the house but have not been used in the mountains. They are in new condition. They retail for $330. I'll trade ya these sweet boots for $220.
  13. anti-FeeDemo victory, June 15 is Action Day

    Thanks Freeclimb9 for bringing up this subject. MattP: To what OMB report do you refer to? I heard some guy has been out at the Snow Lakes Trailhead educating people about the need to kill the Fee Demo. Who is he? How can I help? The Fee Demo should be eliminated. Climbers everywhere must rise up is righteous indignation. I'm gonna do my part by talking to people who park along Icicle Creek near Leavenworth. Gonna write to my representatives too.
  14. Gregory Palisade Pack is new never used with the original tags on it. Green. Size Large with a capacity of 5150 cubic inches. Retails for $290. First $200 takes it.