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  1. Baker should get some in Sept or Oct, it did last year, and that was a pathetic snow year. yeah i am hopiing soon soon soon... cant wait to get some turns in!!! Are you one of those pansy snowboarders or something? bite your tongue ass hole! two planker all the way!
  2. You sound like Heminway or some shit. Still have no clue WTF you're trying to say. mabe you need more booze?
  3. Baker should get some in Sept or Oct, it did last year, and that was a pathetic snow year. yeah i am hopiing soon soon soon... cant wait to get some turns in!!!
  4. too much booze man... ma bad... getting teeth yanked tomorrow... so doin the boozing while i still can... off to sleep... poka malchik! upon re-reading my post... it makes sense, but man it is metaphorical and shit... betta recognize foo... haha
  5. so... i just passed TLG how are you doing in your quest Sphinxy?
  6. bwa ha ha ha ha bowdown biatch!
  7. that was my first snaffle! i am going straight to hell! oh man! damnit! its like fucking heroin!
  8. quit it with the bullshit posts so you can beat E... you have no pride do you... this is the spray equivalent of paving a way up everest, except you are going after misterE... he is like the mount pilchuck or cascadeclimbers... you just pave a road up pilchuck you pussy! you should be ashamed of your self!!!!
  9. i am about to pass lawgoddess!
  10. no doubt... but i am fully confident that this will be the year for freeeeeeeshhhhiieeeeeesssss! only question is when...
  11. Don't get out much do ya??? What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? I been climbing all day today at Mt. Erie. i believe he is talking about bolts not being omnidirectional... and he is right...
  12. nope, but i can flatten whatever you drive... unless you and snoboy have similar automotive tastes... why would i wanna watch a DVD... either i am driving in my truck or i am screwin... mabe your love life needs a tune-up there hommes... kiss kiss
  13. yeah it is difference when you are forced to buy a $1200 truck (me) and when you buy a $60,000 SUV which gets the same gas mileage as my truck which i use for work i get better gas mileage than new SUVs thanks to my distributer-less ignition (on a 82 f-250). so scram yuppie.
  14. yeah but rarely do you just start free falling... you shoe rubber will slowly start to go or something like this...lab physics wont always translate directly into the real world every time... also many times you are making a move upwards when you fall... it takes time for the upward momentum to be counteracted before you can even add your .6 seconds... it is possible... believe me... in the right context reeling can save lives and does...
  15. you dont have an attitude... you are just an ass hole... there is a difference...
  16. try army surplus... just try looking around and seeing for substitues to the pieces you need... what is the specific piece you need? good luck!
  17. cams above 3" and smaller than blue tcu... lemme know @ climbingmonk@hotmail.com
  18. i reeled in some rope for a poster here at index at the country... he would hvae hit a ledge... also important is the dynamic belay... a lil upward motion will do... drastically reduces shock on climber and gear... both are valid... if you are not experienced enough to know by instinct... DONT TRY EITHER! if you fuck up trying to take in rope you can swing your partner into the rock too hard... you can also rip the gear... giving dynamic belay also has dangers but not as severe nor likely ( compromising the belay/ hitting shit on the way down) again... if you dont know which to do (it should be common sense) JUST LOCK THE FUCKER OFF!
  19. That's the purpose of the Newbies Forum. but many of these people are peeps that post on the parterns forum!
  20. hmm... trying to visualize that, but not too hard. y'alls gots problems
  21. or a flaming queer anywhere outside seattle or sanfran
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