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  1. quote: Originally posted by Dru: Do you have to wear an Avalung to drive an Avalanche? Yes, and a carbon probe pole up your ass.
  2. trask makes a deposit

    That article reads like a 4th grader's essay on summer camp.
  3. Shit

    If you're x-treme like Twight it replaces your 45 minute gu session and you're happy for it because you're suffering on salty snot.
  4. silviretta's

    whoops, the 505's have a wire bail too. Don't have any info on their compatibility though. I recall the issue with Invernos, for example, was the excessively-high heel, and some had trouble getting them into at bindings. I gotta say I'm pretty miserable skiing in my invernos with a pack on.
  5. silviretta's

    It is specifically the Silvretta 404s and 500s which work w/ many mountaineering boots (due to a wire bail in front). The 555's are designed more for AT boots, and will not take many mountaineering boots due to the plastics on the toe piece. I have 500s and have been quite happy with them, both inbounds and out. Some question their release. I have not had a problem with prerelease or lack of it, but I'm not a hardcore either.
  6. What is Spray?

    What is spray? Find out here .
  7. Once again TNF doing their part to keep the sprayin' flowin'. Cheers boys. Don't they know that's PDX pub club night?
  8. Hood North Face

    I was just saying shit happens. My reference was catching the spikes in something hanging from your harness, or your pants leg, etc. on steeper stuff. A pretty stupid blunder, but I wouldn't count myself out of doing it. I'd also say that a lot more people climb C. Spur than any other N. route so you'll obviously get more accidents. It's just that every accident seems to be a fatality.

    thanks buddy, appreciate it.
  10. Portland Pub Club May 9th

    Hey carolyn head over to the Cabooze and drink one for me! Went to college at Macalester and saw a killer Bela Fleck show there. Glad to be back in my homeland though. Minnesota was a tough adjustment for me (culturally and topographically).
  11. Portland Pub Club May 9th

    I'd love to partake but I gots me a meeting that evening. I might be able to stop by for awhile. I'm drinking one for the PDXPC now. ...alright maybe two...
  12. Hood North Face

    Cooper Spur is the most tame descent but I think a lot of people are irrationally creeped out by it (me included) from its history. And self arrest only helps so much on 50° in that ice/rime. Even the experienced hang their crampons in a dangling prussik occasionally. A bunch of boot-axe pitches on descent is a pain in the ass so you unrope and take your chances. That said, you can probably pin almost every single accident on Cooper Spur to bad decisions on bad snow. Yeah, a fall off parts of sunshine would be ugly, but you'd probably see me over there on descents. Less early sun exposure too.

    well i added my 3 contributions to alpine...enjoy!
  14. A joke, for the hell of it...

    There once was a young man named Gene, Who invented a screwing machine. Concave and convex, It served either sex, And it played with itself inbetween.
  15. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    what up 'Teryx?
  16. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

  17. Broken gear...BD

    Quite simply, BD rocks for customer service. They took a negative experience I had with their gear and turned it into a very positive one. Dealing with them direct, I had no problems getting a replacement pair of skins sent, overnight, w/o returning the defective skins immediately. The individual I spoke with (process engineer) was genuinely concerned about quality and had many questions to ask about how the skins failed. I was very impressed and will happily buy again from BD. Thumbs up, and thank you BD service dept.
  18. who the f@&k

    You could be the victim of the Klez virus, which is going around right now. Check out this Wired Magazine article for details here .
  19. Broken gear...BD

    So you would recommend dealing with BD direct...perhaps I will try that.
  20. Broken gear...BD

    The caveman returns. Thanks for the advice fern, I'm gathering some data as I write. Google's amazing.
  21. That's It!!!

    yeah pictures of puppies humping live from the garage are all cool, but you are straight up offensive.
  22. Broken gear...BD

    quote: Originally posted by b-rock: Yes, curious about your glue issues on your ascensions. After my last time out (used total of about ten days) the glue balled up and left many spots (probably about 30% of the skins total area) completely bare. Hmmm, is this similar to what you experienced? Was this the reason others have returned theirs? That's what was happening to my first pair. It got to the point where the outside edges were almost glueless and the glue that remained was balling up. It was down to about 60% glue coverage when I returned them, and the shop thought I was doing something wrong, like leaving them on the skis for an eternity. Not so. Chunks of glue were stuck to the base. They still stuck for the most part, but I was getting nervous on longer tours w/o a backup pair. The replacement pair is showing signs of the same problem, about 10 uses now. Back to BD they go.
  23. Larry the Tool Sucks

    June 15th 2002 is a national day of action to protest the fee demo. Join in. Check it out.
  24. Who keeps taking down my posts???

    I love how common these threads have become. -Holden McGroin
  25. Climbing and Advertising...

    I'll peel mine off the yakima spacecase. I need to make more room for my calvin pissing stickers and my Black Diamond Helmet Sticker Pack™ Check it out: BDC Helmet Sticker Pack