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  1. McCain speech

    I agree. On the same token, we cannot have a leader paint a black picture on every facet of something just because it is not in line with his beliefs.
  2. McCain speech

    Oh yes it does. When a man can endure torture to save his buddies, and is offered a free pass to get out and instead volunteers for more torture to save his fellow soldiers' morale. That speaks volumes to me. It says that he will take a personal hit for the good of his people and will do what is right in the most dire of times. We are in the most dire of times and we need someone who WILL do what is right.
  3. McCain speech

    can we instead make tasteless black jokes? I'm in. Let's not sink to their level gentlemen. I am sure we can ride off of the coke useage, shady realestate deals, slum lord buddies, flip flopping on the war, his anarchic pastor (whom he said he would never abandon... we see how long that lasted), his wanton disregard for the common man and for just being a smug bitch!
  4. Iraq

    me too Ken.
  5. Iraq

    This is ludicrous. No soldier would ever do this or accept this mentality. This is not a question of whether the war was justified or whether or not Bush is a poor president. This is about the fact that quitting now would be ludicrous. Is there any doubt in your minds that we will ahve to g back to Iraq if we left today? It seems that this generation would rather clear its conscience and pass the problems on to the next generation than deal with this issue right here and now. We are at war. Pondering whether it was justified will not solve any problems. The only thing that will solve these problems is mission completion.
  6. Iraq

    Lets be honest. He is trying to make his point. Just as Nancy Pelosi was when she said that violence was up in Iraq in the lowest month since the invasion. Lets put this into perspective. A frontrunner for the next Oval Office ticket is walking down the street in Iraq. These are the same streets that are described by opponents as "hopeless." Takes guts and faith in your soldiers to do something like that. He has the faith that we will protect him, we will get the job done and we will continue to do what is needed to be done to suceed. Lets be honest: Everytime SecNav came to visit the lab we spent the full week cleaning it - everything was spic and span. The next week things went back to shit because their wasn't money to clean it cookie cutter epithets? I see now Hugh. It seems like SpecNav angers you. Perhaps that is the reason that you are so hostile about this topic. Would you like to talk about it?
  7. Iraq

    Lets be honest. He is trying to make his point. Just as Nancy Pelosi was when she said that violence was up in Iraq in the lowest month since the invasion. Lets put this into perspective. A frontrunner for the next Oval Office ticket is walking down the street in Iraq. These are the same streets that are described by opponents as "hopeless." Takes guts and faith in your soldiers to do something like that. He has the faith that we will protect him, we will get the job done and we will continue to do what is needed to be done to suceed.
  8. Iraq

    Did you want to discuss the topic at hand or did you just want to keep spitting out your cookie cutter epithets you have on command for anyone who disagrees with you?
  9. Iraq

    Good for Mr. McCain. I am sure glad that someone who will be commander of our military is willing to see, up close and personal, the type of environment his men will be fighting in.
  10. Iraq

    When you would rather go to Iran and chat it up with Adimenijihad than visit your troops? Yes. If he is so clearly skeptical of everything that the Bush administration is telling him, wouldn't it be prudent to see it all for himself? Especially post-push?
  11. Wow, The Obama Speech

    Ummm....just what ARE his accomplishments? Sorry, I should have been more specific about what I meant.I would say being the first African American to get this far in a presidential election process is quite an accomplishment. Possibly the fact that he was part of why record amount of voters came out to have their voice heard (obviously Hillary was a big factor in that as well). I thought you were talking about his real estate gains he made off his slum lord buddy
  12. Iraq

    hate to split hairs w/ you, but homeboy has been there, if only for a few days After reading that article, that is one mighty fine hair.
  13. Iraq

    How would you suppose to do this in a place like Iraq? Or even in Sudan? If all were as devoted to equality as the average American and Canadian, the World would not need multi-national action. The fact remains that bad things sometimes have to be done to bad people. This is somehting people often choose to forget when they talk about Darfur. How many people will die in an invasion in Darfur? It would make Iraq look like a fist fight. War is evil and war is ugly. It does not change the fact that it is also necessary. As long as there are those that wish ill upon the weak, there will be a need for force to right the wrongs. "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who might do us harm." - George Orwell
  14. Iraq

    I find it comical that you imply that I think all of your opinions don't matter. When you say that a man jumping on a grenade to save his friends' live is "idiotic," Youbetchya. When you say that you will commend me for my service only if it means that I will not be deployed to a combat zone... youbetchya. I think the real reason you think I am an asshole Hugh is that my opinion differs from that of your own. Perhaps if you put an ounce of thought as others have explaining their positions on the matter instead of insinuating that I am just some made up 'robot,' I could learn what it is that makes you against this so much. Others have spend time and consideration in writing what they think and I appreciate and consider every post. You seem more personally engaged than with the topic at hand. I really do think you must be a sad person to waste your life never even listeing and considering the other side's opinion. It may not change your mind, but it will shed light on others' positions. If this was done on a larger (even global) scale, some of the hatred from xenophobia and misinterpretations might be avoided. Some people really think that this is a Crusade. Some people really think that all Muslims are evil. These are obvious misnomers and could easily be remedied with time and consideration. You obviously don't know me if you think some anonymous avatar berating me because he can't address the real issue will dissuage me.
  15. Iraq

    you've repeatedly told us we don't know what we are talking about and that your opinion is more valide because of your opinion. you repeatedly refuse to offer concrete evidence to support your opinions. this is why people think you are a confrontational asshole I don't think I am Hugh. I have had my opinions berated while inquiring about yours. I am sorry if I don't follow why you are so angry. Do not take offense, but it certainly seems that you would rather attack me personally than answer the question that I posed. If you refuse to answer this question and continue to attack my character, I am forced to assume that it is you that is in fact the troll here; not I. I have come here to understand the opinions of people who have differing opinions than I do and do explain my own thought processes. I really can't remember having sex with any woman with the last name Conway so I cannot understand why you are so incessant in your attacks of me. If you think I am attacking you personally Hugh, I assure you that it is just my type A personality. It is not directed at you in particular, I just was born type A and then had it pounded into me for the last few years. If your skin is too thin to deal with me, I can try to tone it down for you if you'd like
  16. Iraq

    we are a bunch of dumbcunt civilian peaceniks, why do you care? I don't understand your rationale for so emphatically speaking out against something when I haven't even heard the reason why.
  17. Iraq

    I want to hear it! Why are we losing? Why do you think this war is pointless? Because Nancy Pelosi told you that the surge didn't work? Because Obama, who has never even been to Iraq (even after the trip was offered to him) has told you we are losing? WHY?
  18. craigslist spam?

    Rocephin and Zithromax should clear that right up
  19. Iraq

    Short Version: Training the Iraqi Military and Police well enough to take care of themselves and to set the Iraqi government up for sucess. Also to make sure provisions are made for basic necessities. These are prerequisites to ensure that we do not go back
  20. Iraq

    december '06 was bad over there. we almost were pulled out as citicens were ready to "bring the troops home." what happened after that? Instead of giving up, we dedicated more soldiers and did the opposite of what militants thought we would do. Since then, violence has gone down, sectarian rifts have been brought together and essential services have been roaring back to life. Now, I have reasons to see progress in Iraq. I have yet to hear from you why we are: 1) Losing or 2) Should pull out knowing that we will be back again.
  21. Iraq

    read this link
  22. Iraq

    That is a cowards' way out. I made a commitment and I will honor it. I do not regret one thing I have done since I enlisted in the military.
  23. Iraq

    dumb cunt is a complement from a troglodyte I think you are too hard on yourself Hugh.
  24. Iraq

    Why do you say that Ken? You have piqued my curiosity. just admit you are a troll scott. then you'll just be an asshole instead of an ignorant cunt Uhmm... why would this be a troll? Many people here know my story and I wont get into it here. I am not ignorant; I just have a different viewpoint than you. I dont care about WMDs or Al Queda's presence in Iraq. We cannot do anything about that; It is the past. All we can do now is the right thing. The right thing, in my opinion, is not to cut out and leave without giving 100% to stabilize the country. I really dont understand how you feel that leaving the country 1/2 completed is really in the best interests of the Iraqi people. I had nothing to do with the decisions or rationals to go there. All I can do is do my best to do my job and do what I can to ensure that it is done correctly and finished. OBL said that the people of the US did not have the guts to fight a long engagement. He said that we were to decadent and cared to much about what others thought about us. It is clear that many of you choose to validate his opinion. Some are ready to pull out prematurely, but I say lets finish this thing and ensure that we dont have to go back there.
  25. Iraq

    Actually. Tell ya what Kenny. I have been pretty fucking fair about this whole shit. I remember you meeting me in person and my memory can't recall you being this bold. Is it because I am thousands of miles away? Is it because I dared to infiltrate your Holy Liberal Shrine of self fellating diatribes? I really lets some shit slide from some class-A assholes on this site. Want to call me a coward and that I stay on a FOB? Want to call a hero who saved his friends' lives an idiot? Only willing to give me a pat on the back if I joined before the war started? I appreciate those that contributed thoughtfull contributions. Those that just want to berate anything other than what they sstand for (which is apparently self-indulgent nhilism with a smattering of a God complex thrown in here or there) are chickenshit. You can only say these things within the confines of your own FOB. Hypocrites. You say you are informed and that you want to effect change in the World screaming Darfur! Darfur like a bunch of collegiant big tittied blonds fucking their political science professors. What % of your paycheck do you send to Darfur. What percentage of your free time is dedicated to the cause? This is the real test of your convictions. Many of you fellow posters have been very constructive; taught and learned. You, instead choose to say things in your FOB of shit that you never had the balls to say in person.