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  1. I like FOXNews, but...

    By whom? The innuit? No, Alberta.
  2. Socialism... Welcome Back

    Indeed I was.
  3. I like FOXNews, but...

    Here is a little hint: The Iraqis dont want us to leave. I guarantee that if Obama becomes president, they will beg him for more time. The Iraqis only do this to save face. Afterall they are still Muslims. They must of course hate their oppressive big brother from the West. It is the same way that Canada bitches about us having a big military but secretly taking solace in that fact; knowing full well that is the only thing keeping them from becomming anhilated. If I truly thought the Iraqis thought they could handle it and wanted us to leave; sure, lets go. But I honestly know that they are not ready and they know it too. They are having a hard enought time with infrastructure rebuilding with us helping them fight their battles. Imagine when a larger percentage of their manpower is dedicated to security and even less to construction. Given the fact that they are still far less adept at security than we are, they would be lucky just to hold what they have; let alone actually make progress in the rebuilding as terrorists cause more damage to the infrastructure.
  4. Socialism... Welcome Back

    Sorry, but our constitution provides for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". The old Soviet constitution covered the shelter, food, and job things, I believe. actually, I don't think they did.
  5. this space for rent

    PM sent
  6. I like FOXNews, but...

    How did I know they were Canadians before I even checked the URL? That's easy, if they were American (or Australian I guess) they wouldn't actually be able to reach their own ass. ...or chances are, they wouldn't HAVE THEIR HANDS IN OTHER DUDE'S ASS POCKETS!
  7. I like FOXNews, but...

    1) I don't think you can legitimately call it "cut and run" at this point. We've been there years, and didn't bail at the first sign of trouble,or the second, or the 100th for that matter. 2) why leave now? Too much money sunk into an artificial, stagnant status quo I don't think that there is anything status quo about it. Google what the Iraqi Army is doing; the Police force. This is the biggest challenge and we are almost there. If the Iraqis can fight for themselves, we don't need to be there. If the Iraqis can govern themselves, why do we need to be there? Ask yourselves what will happen if Iraq again becomes a hot bed of terrorist activity upon our departure. How long do you think it will take until we are back there. We have already made the investment. Lets at least let the Iraqi people reap the rewards. People are mad because they have to pay more at the pump (the same amount that Europeans have been paying for years). They are mad at seeing their men and women sent to war. Whether there were WMDs or not in Iraq, the war was justified; if a little late in comming. The RIGHT THING would have been to finish the job in the first place rather than having to come back 12 years later. The main reason you study history is so that you don't have to repeat it. We are in danger of forgetting some fairly recent history and I am afraid we are about to repeat it once again.
  8. I like FOXNews, but...

    bla bla bla violence is evil yadda yadda yadda. We'll agree to disagree to disagree on that one. If you have possibly made a mistake, why guarantee that you made a mistake by quitting early. We are at a real turning point and you all want to cut and run. I have to ask why? Is it to ensure that your party looks good in comparison? Because both parties are so morally decrepit and despicable that they warrant no credence from anyone. Using Iraq's demise to create the illusion of a strong party is 1000x more morraly reheprehensible in my mind than anything that you have accused GWB of. What other reason do you have? $$$? Is that your only concern? Looking good in front of the Europeans (who were the one's illegally mooching off him int eh first place)? Saving the lives of soldiers? Please. The lives of Iraqis? (I know that isn't the case because leaving prematurely would ensure their demise). So, please tell me what then, morally superior spray god is your rationale for wanting to leave Iraq now of all times; at the precipice of autonomy?
  9. Damn!

    Raining Cement - Reuters
  10. Damn!

    I did. I want to bring the troops home so you can insult them to their faces and get your ass kicked? neocon thought process: bring the troops home = insult the troops chickenhawkism = support the troops \ Yer outta the loop junior.
  11. I like FOXNews, but...

    fuck it... that was too mean.
  12. I like FOXNews, but...

    Obama only puts his hand over his heart (as his aide stated) "when he feels like it." McCain ate the fetuses of baby North Vietnameese children he aborted with his Kbar.
  13. Nagging Question

    I had to rehash this old thread because apparently, people think that it is appropriate to ask me my thoughts about the war in Iraq while trying to get a good well over due piss started.
  14. Another one bites the dust

    That fucking cunt stole my $$$. I am gonna piss in her ass.
  15. Another one bites the dust

    I think one more 2nd rate team in the PNW is the last thing we need. I wish we could sell those fucking stadiums and put in a light rail instead. amen Wait. I specifically remember paying for that thing. Is it installed yet?? I hope it is there when I get back. I would love to be able to go drinking without a DD in Sea-town.
  16. I like FOXNews, but...

    How did I know they were Canadians before I even checked the URL?
  17. Another one bites the dust

    I think one more 2nd rate team in the PNW is the last thing we need. I wish we could sell those fucking stadiums and put in a light rail instead.
  18. There are countries fatter than you America`

    I am eating a big mac just to do my part getting back on top!
  19. I like FOXNews, but...

    I never said that nor implied that. I just feel that Obama makes a lot of statements that tend to make me feel like he has no idea what he is doing. You don't just "up and leave" an occupied country. You cannot. I have not found any real exit strategy from him other than "bring em home" and "end this illegal war."
  20. I like FOXNews, but...

    If my friends talked about me like that, they would have a bloody nose. Yes.
  21. Socialism... Welcome Back

  22. Iraq

    Oh I am brother!
  23. Iraq

    I doubt you would have the balls to tell Tarek that he dropped the ball
  24. Iraq

  25. Iraq