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  1. Iraq

    When was the last time "Chinas leader" used military nerve agent to kill his own people? How would we win that war while Western Europe and Russia have such close ties with them? You thought our coalition was lacking in International power in Iraq? Look out if you think that the rest of the World will let us take out their source of cheap labor. True, Russia, France, Italy ect were getting oil illegally from Saddam, but this economic tie would be unimaginable to break. It would turn the World's economics on its ass. That is why.
  2. Iraq

    Kev. You need a reading lesson. We fought Iraq for as I said "weeks." Now, if this occupation is costing billions, how can it possibly be about the oil. I will concede that oil had a reason as to why we went to Iraq over some other equally deserving shit hole, but it was not the sole reason. That is as stupid as saying the Civil War was about slavery; or the Revolution was about tea. War crimes is a bit much Kev. He was given information that he says he took to be the truth. Whether or not he did or not is conjecture. You know very little how fucked up Mil. Intel. can get. The crux of this is that regardless of WMD's ect, we still have taken out a murderous dictator; charged, tried and hung by his peers of murders, genocide, real war crimes, and a lifetime of truly sadistic actions. What do you think the real reason we used the bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Why did the benevolent USA sell military supplies from its ports to its allies instead of fighting in WWII for years? World politics is a confusing bitch. At least I can admit I don't understand it. You are so bold saying that you have figured out World politics with one word.
  3. Huge fall at Smith

    all the way spray'prentise, all the way!
  4. Iraq

    The problem with people is that they try to over-simplify. We fought the Iraqi army for weeks only. After that, we are essentially protecting Iraq from outsiders. The vast, vast majority of people we have fought were from Syria, Iran, Pakistan etc. It is clearly not about oil Kev; they just started producing 2.5 mill bbls / day. Even if we got every cent of the profits which we wont, it wont even put a dent in the cost of this war. Now, the thing oil will do, is help the Iraqis to pay some of the costs of reconstruction and to help stabilize the country now that the Iraqi military and police force are feeling more comfortable on ops. They are not ready yet though. Any attempt to claim otherwise is just bravado for the sake of their muslim bretheren. Some of their ops have gone well, but under heavy U.S. observation.
  5. Huge fall at Smith

    It was a gay post. That shit is routine for a good portion of people posting on this BBS. That is the reason you got hosed as a douche-bag
  6. Iraq

    Yes you can. Its called VOTING! I already addressed this Kev. Now, do you have any more enlightened information to enthrall me with about War? I have heard all of your Bush tirades before. How about trying something different. Ask your self this: Are you agianst this war solely because you are either 1) against all wars in general; or 2) are you against this war because of political reasons... think carefully whether or not you can answer yes to either of those two answers.
  7. Iraq

    GWB. When McCain is elected, I will do my job the same as I have under GWB. The only thing I can do is train myself all day everyday to be the best I can to do what my country wills me to do. I cannot change policy; I wouldn't even if I were given the chance. I am a soldier and it is not my responsibility. "their's is not to question why; their's is but to do and die."
  8. Iraq

    You are welcome.
  9. Wow, The Obama Speech

    ...and what of the NYT's treatment of the candidates' medical records? Please tell me you dont think that that is biased?
  10. Iraq

    I don't have the right Kev. That is the point. Now maybe you understand why soldiers hate flag burners so much. They give up their freedom of speech and their free thought so that others can abuse theirs. Tell you the truth Kev, in another year, I will tell you what I think about our president.
  11. When CC.com goes down for a 1/2 hour

    It actually came from the word dumb. During the Hanseatic period, the Russians heard the odd sounds comming out of their mouths and thought they were retarded.
  12. When CC.com goes down for a 1/2 hour

  13. Wow, The Obama Speech

    "You are stuck in some kind of feeble, subroutine that revolves around a dead ideology." ... like communism?
  14. Iraq

    You don't know shit douche. I don't support anyone but the United States of America. It is not my place to say what I think of the President. The only place I get to do that is in the voters' box. I do, on the other hand, think that what we are doing is worthwhile.
  15. When CC.com goes down for a 1/2 hour

    +1 I'm sure you know the Russian word for a German and what it means? It makes the comment you are replying to all the more hilarious.
  16. How CC.Com has changed, 2001-2008

    2001: Caustic bi-partisan political bickering 2008: Uber-Left circle jerk
  17. Iraq

    The converse is also true; it is not for armchair quarterbacks to decry the actions of service men. Any of you who think you know the dynamics over there are sorely mistaken. No matter how much you read or how much you research, there is only one way to find out what is going on there. This is not Vietnam nor is it WWII; this is a very complicated war with varying levels of combatants and sentiments. There IS real progress and the fact that the Iraquis think they are ready to take the reigns is a good sign. True, we could have stayed out of Iraq and let them live under dictatorial rule and be victims of genocide, but I truly think that Iraq will be better for it and perhaps the entire region. History can be the only measure of this though. I don't care why we went or who benefeited. These are questions above my pay grade, but I do believe we are doing good things that will leave Iraq better than we found it. It was a great cost to them as well as us, but long term I sincerely believe that they will be better off.
  18. Iraq

    Yeah... we can all see past your (and those like you) thin veneer saying "we support our troops" charade. It is one thing to not support a war. It is quite another to defame someone who died to save 4 of his friends and also died to protect your right to say such filth.
  19. Iraq

    We will be there for a long time. Some of us.
  20. Iraq

    "no one called any of our soldiers in iraq anything, other than what they are, brave men and women stuck in an unfortuinate situation." Except the one who sugested our low casualty numbers were based upon the fact that we spent our deployments in FOB's
  21. Iraq

    I dont have to make threats. I am not making one now. I do know that your bravado and your sharp tongue is backed up by nothing more than what you can produce on your keyboard. I have chosen to back up my convictions with everything I have. What have you done with yours sir? You instead, defame those who risk life and limb by calling them cowards. You can come check out my leg and then call me a coward; right before I deploy.
  22. Iraq

    watch it pal. How can he argue with that? How threatening. I'd sure be intimidated. I am not trying to intimidate. I just think you should have some fucking respect. Yeah, OK asshole, because your original post had SO much respect, right? how many of you have died while spraying socialist garbage on the internet? ...besides having a coronary eating pork rinds sitting at your cushy desk jobs all day.
  23. Iraq

    That is right... cc.commers only have respect for socialist Western Europeans and defame their heritage, country and their way of life at any opportunity. I remember. I would think his tounge would be tied up if he happened to come accross me and my co-workers. Doubt you would be running your suck about us never leaving the FOB ace...
  24. Iraq

    watch it pal. How can he argue with that? How threatening. I'd sure be intimidated. I am not trying to intimidate. I just think you should have some fucking respect.
  25. Iraq

    Too late.....and we are not at war....we are occupying another country. Please get it right. right... just as we did in Germany after outsing another genocidal dictator who invaded his neighbor. Just as we did in Japan. We are still there now. I have it right you sad bunch of armchair quarterbacks. Watch the Iraquis fight the terrorists themselves; with pride. Maybe then you will understand that some real good came out of this. These people are willing to die to help us fight them and can't wait to get in on the action. I am sorry if that doesn't exactly meld with your preconcieved notions of what is going on over there.