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  1. smoke-free?

    Muir hut is rumored to be smoke-free on occasion.
  2. route names

    Yo's Momma's Bin Globbin'; Holds All Thin 'n' Roddin Choss-Doggin on Lassen Lou's Godda a Twin Bra-Jim
  3. Soccer Kid w/ Finger

    While reading threads a while back, I saw a darlin' little picture of a soccer youth lofting the finger. Anyone able to direct me to it. Need to get the Xmas cards ready for the fams.
  4. toto, we're not in chossville anymore!

    Shouldn't NPS get to work straightening out that tree? Lots of pine needles laying around too. Someone's got to tidy up.
  5. New Face Climbing destination.

    Dude, If you scanned down a little further on the route, you would clearly see the tape I have put there marking it as my project. Hands off.
  6. More good quotes?

    Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout Down valley a smoke hazeThree days heat, after five days rainPitch glows on the fir-conesAcross rocks and meadows Swarms of new flies. I cannot remember things I once readA few friends, but they are in cities.Drinking cold snow-water from a tin cupLooking down for milesThrough high still air. Gary Snyder
  7. "Rock Climbing Wrongs" on the Niagara Escarpment

    quote: Originally posted by DOUG LARSON: Hi Klenke, I had thought that I had made some progress at convincing you that logic and reason ought to replace hyperbole and acrimony. Obviously not. The level of sarcasm in your post is astonishing. The land snails include some very rare species. What gives you the right to decide that your life and enjoyment of physical activity is more important than theirs? I urge you to re-think your position. I am happy to re-think mine - tell me what's wrong with it - only tell me without sarcasm. doug larson Why is my right to life and enjoyment more important than theirs? No reason at all. A snail's personal enjoyment and self fulfillment is every bit as important as mine, or any humans for that matter. I am sure that they are capable of these things and that we are not imbuing them with sensibilities and capacities that they do not have. In fact, I don't think we go far enough in imagining their subjective realities. I believe that they are fully capable of appreciating verbal nuances such as irony and sarcasm. What else would distinguish them from their hippie proponents. In reality, I am for preserving a variety of life on the planet. I am not for promoting outlandish sentimentality.
  8. More good quotes?

    "Not everything that I have done in my life has been absolutely necessary" - Reinhold Messner At a slideshow "The wind it was howlin' and the snow was outrageous.We chopped through the night and we chopped through the dawn.When he died I was hopin' that it wasn't contagious,But I made up my mind that I had to go on." - Bob Dylan, sounding like an ice climber Isis, Desire
  9. REI's Climbing department

    quote: Originally posted by jules: Well, I have to admit that I do find it quite entertaining most of the time. Haiku away...... Haiku is for those that have not mastered the high art of the limerick. I depict my REI experience as such: REI's climbing associate was not working.(I suspected he was on c-c.com and was lurking.)I tried to interrupt him real quick,Gave up - said "Ah, you guys never know dick!"He replied, "Oh yeah, then what do I spend my days jerking?" Fully adjustable,
  10. North Face MET5 Jacket-Large $349

    Are the pit zip slots wide enough to accommodate bagels, or will it only toast sliced bread?
  11. Rockies Climbing

    The Rockies run halfway through Cannada and the US. Which bits are you looking to visit?
  12. Climbing with Prosthetic (artificial) Leg

    Hey Griff, I was able to track down another outdoor organization worth checking out: Disabled Sports USA http://www.dsusafw.org/ Also, here is an article on Pete Rieke (1st paraplegic to climb Rainier). It's a completely different ability set, but the article is good in that it walks you through his psychological reaction to his accident and shows how transformative determination and optimism can be. http://www.msnbc.com/news/536609.asp?cp1=1 More widely, here is a link page of resources regarding disability and rehab: http://www.craighospital.org/J_sitesOfInterest.html And you may want to check out the Mike Utley page Again, Mike is up against paralysis, but hearing him talk makes anyone want to push through their own personal challenges. He's also down to earth enough that you may think about writing him. http://www.MikeUtley.org/ Great Attitude, keep us posted.
  13. aggro mountain goats

    You live and if all else fails, you learn. Interesting stuff on the goats and ONP. By the way, is that really true about big horn sheep attacking Gen X'ers for their Mountain Dew. I think I saw that on a hard-core documentary of some sort. You can never be too careful out there, man.
  14. aggro mountain goats

    quote: Originally posted by David Parker: Goats are NOT native to the Olympic Penninsula. They were introduced by man and the quantities now are causeing severe damage to the alpine ecosystem. [ 03-25-2002: Message edited by: David Parker ] Me no eco-biologist, but exactly how did it come to pass that somebody "artificially" introduced goats into the Olympic Peninsula? It's not like they were inadvertently carried into the eco system on somebody's clothing.
  15. Freaky Yet Awesome Leavenworth

    quote: And while we didn't walk around w/ mattresses on our heads, some of our party did enter the McDonalds in town w/ our harnesses still on, biners and doohickies clipped on. Because, you know, what the heck, we were just going to have to put them back on and climb some more later anyway.[/QB] Yeah, I've heard that the slide in Playland goes 510b, 5.11a with burger-greasy fingers.