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  1. [TR] Mt. Cashmere - East Shoulder 12/2/2006

    Yeah for sure would like to check out the north side.
  2. [TR] Mt. Cashmere - East Shoulder 12/2/2006

    Yeah my tracks are on skier's left. Oh, and your beacon would never get out in the B.C. if someone else didn't use it for ya!
  3. [TR] Mt. Cashmere - East Shoulder 12/2/2006

    Actually the stumps are from salvage logging from the big burn of '94.
  4. Cashmere?

    They ain't goin' ta drill!!
  5. Bonanza in April

    Has anyone been up Bonanza in mid April? If so what where snow conditions like? Considering this year's snow pack what about conditions in three weeks?
  6. 3 Classic Cascade North Faces

    Check out Greybeard's north face.
  7. AT Setup - Havoc vs. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket seems better because it is not as stiff as the havoc. However the pocket rocket is stiff enough under foot for good control.
  8. [TR] Dragontail - - Backbone 8/21/2004

    I did that route the Thursday before and encountered a deluge with pounding hail at the very same spot on the last crack pitch of the fin! Imagine that! It was about 1:30 PM. It was way too slick to make the friction move to the notch so I built a belay at at fixed yellow cam and brought up my partner. From there We lassoed a big horn at the notch with a bight of rope and my partner pulled himself up and belayed me while I did the same. We where soaked to the bone! It was kind of scary, sudden rain and hail out of nowhere.
  9. [TR] Dragontail- North Face 4/6/2004

    Went up to try this route on Saturday. The lowest pitches starting at the boot pack had melted out quite a bit and where thin and looked difficult to protect. We where getting a late start so we bailed.
  10. Here come the science geeks.....

    Are you just trying to stir the pot or be funny or something? Many people who live in and enjoy the Icicle want to keep it the way it is. Many think there is too much traffic now as it is. This uneeded and wasteful lab project won't do any good for anyone but a select few. Locals will speak out against this thing and hopefully it will not come to to pass.
  11. Here come the science geeks.....

    What about all of the construction traffic and imrpovement to Icicle Road? This would surely limit access to cragging in the area. Amd there is already enough traffic in the icicle anyway.
  12. Here come the science geeks.....

    Mount Cashmere and the all of the surrounding area need to remain as they are are. There are already labs such as this with scientists willing to share information. If this lab is built you you might as well not call it "Alpine Lakes Wilderness" anymore because of the traffic and constuction will make it a zoo. And not to mention serious issues with future access to all parts of the mountain. It seems highly hipocritical that some pseudo-local bigwigs who claim to be such environmentalists are in support of buliding this lab. It is sad when profits override principle. There are numerous obvious reasons for not allowing this lab to be built with the bulk of them being the intrests of climbers, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts.
  13. MT temple

    Nice job! Is that post or pre climb drool?
  14. short tr on maude

    I did the Entiat Icefall a couple of years ago and descended the walk up route on Maude to the south east. A decent trail was marked at the time with cairns. This trail takes you to another small basin South of the main Leroy creek basin then over a small pass back into Leroy creek basin. It took us about 45min to 1hour descend to Leroy creek this way. But if you camped at the col between 7Fingered Jack and Maude this descent would force you to hike back up and retrieve your camp unless carried over. But this still might take less time than negotiating the gullies.
  15. I though it was OK up till the section with the old rotten yellow fixed sling. There I had to think and grunt a little harder. Overall a bit strenuous.