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  1. I have an Enchantments permit available for 6 people to camp at Colchuck Lake, entering on Thursday, September 10, and exiting Sunday, September 13. The face value of the permit is $120, but we'll take best offer. The Forest Service charges a $10 fee to change the permit to your name.
  2. I was there in Feb. We had a stormy day and it looked like it may have snowed higher up. While I was there I read was that the glaciers could be gone as soon as 2007. I wouldn't be surprised.
  3. 2 nights in Bailey Range?

    Do you have any other beta to share about the Bailey Range? Some friends and I are heading out there soon. Was there need for crampons/ice axe on the route? Anything we should look out for? Thanks!
  4. Cashmere?

    I was expecting at least one reply like that!
  5. Cashmere?

    Has anyone been up Cashmere recently? What was the impact of the fires last summer? I'm thinking of heading up there for a day trip but am wondering how burned out it is...
  6. Seeking Shuksan info

    I'm hoping to climb the Sulphide route on Shuksan this weekend. We're looking for beta on the summit pyramid -- has anyone been up there recently? many thanks!!
  7. Looking for used AT boots in decent condition in a women's size 9 - 9.5. They don't have to be women-specific boots (that's like size 8 men's, about.) Thanks for your help!
  8. Found a little gold bracelet in the bathroom at the Heliotrope Ridge trailhead on 9/24.
  9. I think they might be mine -- whew! I PM'ed you.
  10. Figure it can't hurt to post this... Back in late June my friend borrowed my snowboard for a trip to Shuksan. She managed to lose it down a crevasse. ANYWAY, in case, you know, it emerged somehow, it was a Burton Custom Freedom 151, with a big ol' falcon on it and ugly white bindings. Shrug.
  11. A group of us are planning to climb Glacier Peak over Labor Day weekend. We're thinking we're going to hike in via the North Fork Sauk River trail and climb via the first ascent route (basically, White Mountain to the White Chuck Glacier to the Suiattle Glacier, then hike up the ridge to Disappointment Peak and the summit.) Has anyone else done this climb this season (or even past seasons?) We're thinking the "crux" might be getting from White Mountain onto the White Chuck Glacier; that looks like the trickiest routefinding based on the research we've done so far. It would be great to hear about any other routes folks have taken this season, too. Thanks!!!
  12. glacier pk

    Beck -- did you end up going in July? If so, how was it? A group of us are thinking of going in September -- would love to hear from anyone who has made it up Glacier this year!
  13. Olympus Rock Pro?

    It looks like I'll be up there this weekend too -- we'll see you there! Do we need a full rope or a half rope for the summit rappel? I've read reports that recommend each option.