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  1. On the town with GWB, AKA democracy in action

    GWB is a corporate icon. He may not actually exist. The rich "Christers" have their hands up some talking dolls' ass. Let me look back with fondness to a president who got blow-jobs and at least appeared to give a shit about the wilderness. I hope he inhaled.
  2. 'zis weekend

    Not only fast, but better; in public.
  3. After an artificially-enforced herb drought of three years, I return to the Stoners Ledge. I ask myself, "When is it better to Spark up...?" 1. Before the Sumatran Mandheling boils, every goddamn AM. 2. The first side of The Wall is done, on the way to 11wrth. Comfortably Numb. 3. Half way up Snow Creek Wall. 4. The shade on the other side of the log, below Snow Creek Wall. Does it relax us? Does it enable us to climb, and experience things more clearly?
  4. 86ed

    Hey Dennis-thanks for stormin' Omaha Beach for us. No shit. It takes balls to do what you did. I only spent a few years at sea, preventing Iran from sinking nuclear Aircraft Carriers. Like Iran ever had a navy, an air force or anything else. Just like every other fossilized generation complains, (while denying their own responsibility)"Those youngsters don't know how much they owe us". Oh, and thanks, Dennis-As long as it takes good 'ol American grit to slaughter the less white and Christian, I have a hero in you.
  5. Moderators - A critique

    Such a pleasure to get AK's sloppy seconds. Well at least I know that nothing is stretched out! I don't know why this thread drifts. If some idiot thinks that CC.Coms' demographics can't deal with Eriks' need to be ghetto, we can accept it.
  6. You know what would be cool?

    How can some idiot, not capable of coming up with as much as an original avatar call me dickless? I suspect that the moron is pecking away on a keyboard, while wondering how he got to be lonely, yet again, tonight. I honestly have seen the most honest and innocent questions turned into sophomophoric and testosterone-addled rants. A request for beta becomes a valid case for euthanizing anyone with the poor judgement to use the word "Caveman" in their posts. And here I thought that the average IQ might peak above 100, while AK was gone.
  7. It would be so cool if a climber; perhaps a newbie or an out-of-stater, could ask an honest question of us, without our small-dicked spray obfuscating whatever right we have to be called "climbers".
  8. Ellinor from the North

    That was, my friend, the best trip report I have ever read. I could practically feel my quads tighten and cramp. I was THERE man. Seriously-a great report!
  9. alpine toilet paper

    Use snow. Pack the tan ball tight. Throw it at AlpineK. Dude, the colors.
  10. AlpineK; moderator

    Now that AK is a moderator, I guess an undereducated moron can become the leader of the free world, bolts will be placed next to cracks and SUV's will become a popular way to drive to work on paved roads. Oh, shit. I'm in "bizzarro world"!
  11. Contact Congress

    Oh, shit. I'm stuck in traffic again. My SUV (which I pay 30$ tabs for) is sucking up gas at a rate that will obviate and obliterate the tax savings in about an hour, hasn't been out in the mountains in a year. How did this happen? Why can't we build better highways? If only AlpineK hadn't been smoking pot in CM, then it would have been legalized, taxed, and provided funding for a 16 lane freeway from B'ham to Oly. Now I have to rely on trailpark and user fees to get me up in the mountains. Damn that pedophilic, monosyllabic AlpineK!
  12. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    You shitheads have ruined what was the PREMIUM thread. AlpineK, by his own volition, has now destroyed whatever chance we had to legalize marijuana for personal use in WA. Now he must die.
  13. What is Spray?

    As long as knuckleheads like you ruin the energy for bud-lovers like us, I care. I never would have had a chance to experience this kind of emptyheaded animosity if you wouldn't have been so stupid as to have puffed a sweet bowl of the herb in that tiny rock hut @ 10,000ft. Now I have to haunt you forever. Mary Jane was supposed to make us all friends! Still, your testosterone-addled rants make me glad to be a right-thinking, tree hugging, left-leaning socialist.
  14. What is Spray?

    How did AlpineK become a moderator? How is it that this mouth-breathing troglodyte came to this position of power? If he can control "The Climbers Wall", shouldn't some mongoloid become president? Oh, right. Now it all makes sense. The Americans for Disabilities Act rears it's ugly, misshapend head. Eugenics suddenly sounds palpable, if not ethical.
  15. What is Spray?

    AlpineK-probably a moron, but maybe a good skier, although with a substance abuse problem. Still, an idiot. Capt. Caveman-An alcoholic with an anger management issue.I'd be digging up his crawlspaces looking for bodies soon-hear that SPD? Crackbolter-I NEED ATTENTION. Ray B-See Capt. Caveman, above. 47% of you-See Capt. caveman above.