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  1. Where can I buy a cheap hangboard?

    You can buy the metolius board that is in my garage for 25 amerrican dollars if you come get it. Its a few years old but still can break your tendons.
  2. climbers and subarus

    How about calvin taking a piss on a dale earnhardt #3
  3. climbers and subarus

    The only sticker on my 'vette is calvin pissing on a subaru logo
  4. Rescue on Mt. St. Elias

    What Dru said, at least for now. Climbers often learn from analyzing climbing accidents. But give it some time, first.
  5. Skis for a non-skier?

    I used to be a climber that skis to climb, these days I'm more of a skier that climbs to ski. Depending on your focus, the appropriate gear is very different. I agree with a lot of what Ibex says, but my view is slightly different. If you are strictly looking for an approach ski setup, stay away from tele gear altogether. First of all, you likely want to ski and climb in the same boots. Climbing in tele boots is certainly not impossible, but sucks in comparison to either climbing or dedicated AT boots. The duckbill toe on tele boots can severely restrict kicking steps and front pointing, and some crampons do not fit tele boots. Tele bindings are great for skiing downhill, but AT bindings are better for skiing flats and uphill/skinning because there is less resistance at the pivot point on your binding. The pivot point on an AT binding is hinged at the toe, on tele bindings the pivot point is at the ball of your foot, and requires the skier to flex the boot/foot in order to move the ski forward. AT bindings are easier for most folks. There is also a serious control difference between free heel (tele) bindings and fixed heel (AT) bindings that may put you on your ass, at least more than you would like. Also, a lot of tele bindings (certain cable bindings) are prone to breakage. So get AT bindings, preferably silvrettas that will accept virtually any welted boot. That way you can likely ski with the boots you presently have. If you had dedicated AT boots, I'd tell you to get Fritschi Diamirs, which are releaseable and ski great. But they are only compatible with dedicated AT/DIN boots -- i.e., not compatible with yer standard welted mountaineering boots. Dynafit also makes great touring (light) bindings, but again, not compatible with welted mountaineering boots. Skis: for approach skis, use just about anything. The more beat up and ugly, the less likely they are to get ripped off. Short for better control, wide for better float and stability with a pack. Light is a bonus, and dedicated AT skis are the lightest, and really not that expensive (K2 shuksan, Atomic Tourlights, etc.) Go forth and ski.
  6. Ed Viesturs Loves Microsoft!

    Yer all jealous. I'd endorse Depends if they paid me to go climbing.
  7. war

    Sister Christian, oh the time has comeAnd you know that you're the only one to sayOkay Where you goin', what you looking for?You know those boys don't want to play no more with youIt's true You're motoringWhat's your price for flight,And finding Mister Right?You'll be all right tonight Babe, you know you're growing up so fastAnd momma's worrying that you won't last to sayLet's play Sister Christian, there's so much in lifeDon't you give it up before your time is dueIt's trueIt's true (Yeah) You're motoringYou've got him in your sightsAnd driving through the nightYou're motoringWhat's your price for flight,And finding Mister Right?You'll be all right tonight You're motoringWhat's your price for flight,And finding Mister Right?You'll be all right tonightYou're motoringWhat's your price for flight,And finding Mister Right?You'll be all right...Tonight Sister Christian, oh the time has comeAnd you know that you're the only one to sayOkayBut you're motoringYeah, motoring
  8. Don't Worry...Eat Healthy

    I never understood why Americans eat salad before the main course. Since salad basically sucks, the main point of it must be to give yer innards a good scrubbing. The Euros know best -- eat yer salad last, so that it can clean out all the crap you just ate. Its basic physics.
  9. Blizzard Warning

    I'm going to go to the base of queen anne hill and huck some snowballs at that fuckstick Jim Foreman
  10. FF Down Jacket

    Jacket is sold.
  11. Free Tele Gear

  12. Free Tele Gear

    Black Diamond Toute Neige tele skis, 200 cm with Riva Bindings, skinny, no sidecut Scarpa leather tele boots, size 10. This stuff is old school, but still in good shape, and is well suited to touring type stuff. I got newer stuff, so its just collecting dust, and someone can put it to use. Free if you come pick it up. Seattle.
  13. Hood and Adams

    mattp: I don't doubt those guys are good skiers, but which routes do you think are "total insanity?"
  14. FF Down Jacket

    Feathered Friends Volant Gore-tex down jacket. Size large, cobalt blue. This is the older style that is sewn through, the newer style is baffled. Still a killer toasty warm down jacket, in excellent shape. Check 'em out on the feathered friends website, new ones are about $300. This one can be yours for $125 bucks.
  15. Junior Aid Climber Starter Kit