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  1. Training began mid-December; but seriously in January. The 63'er played competitive noon basketball with 18 years and older 4-5 days a week at the local University. And managed bi-weekly treks up our local mountain (from about 3200 to 4000 feet)for 1-2 hours. The 58'er hiked up and down the mountains 5-6 times a week beginning with 1 hour then 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours. A few times with a 25 pound pack--during January when we had a good meter of snowbase on snowshoes. After January it was snowshoes without the pack up & down mountain slopes. After the snow finally left, three 5 miler hikes and once a 10 miler--on the country road into our town, no snowshoes of course! Also the 58er did nearly daily pushups from the knees and also abs exercises. From May on trekking poles were used regularly which strengthed the biceps & prepared for The Final Mountain! An aside reward is a cranky back free of pain! If you have any other questions, holler! We are still smiling! (no doubt brought on by the high altitude!)
  2. Geezer: Beings over 50 years of age...well...58 and 63, to be exact!
  3. We done did it! The Summit of Rainier! July 20. Perfectly glorious weather! Grueling 8 1/2 hour climb, but glorious! Thank you each who encouraged us geezers away back in January to go for it. The suggestions then and supplemental suggestions via the up & down trek were part of the success. As well as our two guides generously endowed with Patience (like when my helmet leaped off my pack down the 200' dirt slope approach to Glacier Basin and the guide scrambled down and up the slope with nary a %#*!! look). We understand a pull to addiction having tasted the intoxication of scenery, sounds and high altitude. I would post a graemlin, but none is grinning broadly enough! If anyone in the "older age group" needs encouragement we are very willing to do what we might to provide it! YOU too can do this!
  4. Thank you, Dan, for the acclimitization info. What you tell us is encouraging. And answers a question we had about spending a week in Montana at the 6000' ranch prior to the climb. At present we live at 3200' in Idaho. Good climbing to you also in the New Year!
  5. My husband (geezer of 62 years) and his wife (geezerette of 57) are planning a climb this summer with son of 28 years. Our son is an intermediate climber. His friend who is an advanced climber will also be with us. I would very much appreciate hearing from someone who has summitted being in this age range. We have both been fairly active on a regular basis for many years. I think that my main questions are what are the important factors to keep in mind and work on now for our age range, what were experiences with breathing as beginning questions. Would it make any difference that I grew up in the Montana mountains at 6000 feet for 18 years? We have backpacked in the Wallowas, Cascades, and Crazies in the past. Whatever anyone might comment about or books that you might recommend would be very, very welcome. Thank you most sincerely,Nancy Sasse Sasser
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