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  1. I would like to climb the Price Glacier the first week in Oct. Any advice on approach? Is early Oct too late in the fall? I am in Wyoming and could use any advice anyone can offer.
  2. Mount Shuksan - Price Glacier

    Rookie of the year- 50 Classic Climbs was first published in 1979. Thanks for the imput all of you . I had been thinking of an early fall climb with a very early start from as high a camp as possible. A long ice climb is what we had in mind. David, So you descended the standard Price Glacier route back to your skis. Do you think that it would be possible to do that in fall condiditions or should we plan on carying our gear over the top and come down some other route. And if so which route is best.
  3. Mount Shuksan - Price Glacier

    I would like some information on the Price Glacier on Mt Shuksan. I am from Wyoming and would like to climb the route this summer. I have read Beckyey's description and the one in 50 Crowded Climbs and was wondering if global warming has changed the route much since these old description? When is the best time of year to do the route?