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  1. Hanger Replacement at Vantage

    quote: Originally posted by Retrosaurus: The power drill and the fools driving them have made a travesty of climbing at The Coulee. They are the only reason that the place is regulated now.your the only one doing the regulateing, you crag police or what?? Hey sunshine wall is a climbing area, it can be crowded but it's cool, except when a bolt chop'in, hanger remove'in, noze in the air asshole shows up bitch'in about bolted routes. That would be mitch the bitch better known as retro-ball-less KISS IT
  2. Castleton Tower threatened

    Allison don't you get it Pope likes it in only one position !!Boring!!! He thinks its sports in school where he can dictate the way kids play.
  3. responce to popes auto sig.

    No mater how hard you climb , if you climb trad only, Yea too rude YO MOMA WHERES ARMY BOOTS [ 03-04-2002: Message edited by: Recriminator ]
  4. 14 members online and 31 guests!

    Go figure so many guests, every time a climber posts something intelligent the sprayers swarm on them like flys on shit.
  5. From CascadeSprayers with Love

    regarding retrosaurus; rumor has it that he is recuperating from carpul tunnel surgery, caused by the repeated wrist motion of hanger and bolt removel at Vantage. His mother now manipulates his key strokes for him under an assumed name . but wait there is more;the surgical procedure was a huge success, they removed his testicles which stoped the repeated wrist motion. watch for new posts under retro-ball-less
  6. Hanger Replacement at Vantage

    the pope is too busy copn looks at little boys in the locker room to know what pussy is . he can't climb 5.12 or even 5.11trad that makes him the pussy think I will make him my BITCH
  7. bolt placement

    Eric think it could be karma ? Blasting sport routes at vantage than getting on one . Mike Massy and Matt kerns put up that route and it never was a trad route. I have done that route and unless there is slack in your system there are no bad falls .
  8. yoda say...

    What the f#$% no smokea bowela on the ledge, dry canister maybe if I head to Fossil where Yoda is the ropegun I can score!
  9. Climbing Slang

    From issue#67 Rock&Ice Sept\Oct 1993 Ya I know some of you were still pissen in your britches back then and thought climbing was playing king of the monkey bars at kindergarten,but it still relates today.Ethics Police; People who feel frustrated with life and sublimate a desire to be Nazis by enforcing rules that only they are clear about.Used in a sentence:Who F!#$en made retrosoreass crag ethics police! [ 11-28-2001: Message edited by: Recriminator ]
  10. Climbing Slang

    Plastic Mechanic : Gym Climber That dude can realy crank.Yea right pussboy is just a plastic mechanic he thinks gear is a quick draw and multi pitch is baseball.
  11. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Hey I thought this was the spray section.The Love Childs aren't getting there panties in a bunch are they??? Flick,inhale,exhale ,cough,emmmmm goooood
  12. Climbing Slang

    The first word is from a climbig slang guide from Rock and Ice .Feel free to add any known climbing slang .After all we all know climbers need a bigger volcabulary Aggro: short for aggressive.Can also be a world view."BURNING" is such an aggro route I have to drink 4 cups of spro just to pull off the ground
  13. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Wow after 17 pages of spray you guys want to get all touchy feeley ,your bringing tears to my eyes.Get some balls stand up for what you believe in ,this is the USA where the rights of the few USED to be just as important as the rights of the many ,the gays stood up for there rights and gained FREEDOM .If the smokers would get some balls they could stop hiding in the closet and have there freedom.Look at climbing It's not an Olympic event and I think Sharma's revelation is going to be that we don't realy give a shit if he is stoned when he sends hard rock and it is way more fun to enjoy climbing than to compete.It's a small world hikers don't want to share with bikers smokers don't want to share with non smokers Skiers don't want to share with Boarders Crack climbers don't want to share with Sport climbers It's all about the enjoyment off life .Share the sandbox assholes I want to play too. I,m tired of kissing the ass of every self rightious Bumbly I have to share space with. THE RECRIMINATOR
  14. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Yo Scot'teryx PHQ-2 don't believe in freedom or sharing space. The Taliban are looking for self righteous assholes like you. Join now and you can commit suicide in the name of morality. You're not your sisters uncle, or are you?? Disclaimer: this is spray and is meant to troll you into a crazed state...Flick ,intake, exhale, cough ummmmm goooood.... [ 11-24-2001: Message edited by: Recriminator ]