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  1. Red Rocks!

    Looking to meet up for some long trad climbs are R.R. this Christmas. Anyone from the NW heading down? I'm into Zion too!
  2. Daisy Chain Anchors!

    My reason for the use of the word "damn", I've had them blow a stitch or two after a small aid climbing fall, really didin't take much....Doesn't sound like the best idea to be anchored on a "screamer" break away kinda thing huh? I do see your point of the full strength runner, seems sound.... I'm not thinking its a death trap rig, just seems misuse of an item intended for clipping off non dynamic loads vs. using it as a full blown anchor setup...maby the next string should be about that climbing nudes calendar I saw in Mountain Gear, much more exciting than boring tech stuff!
  3. Daisy Chain Anchors!

    I've seen people climb with two daisy chains on their harness, arrive at the belay, clip them in a semi equalized way (off the damn sewn loops!) to bolts or whatever, then belay off the harness! Eeeeek....Back me up folks is this bad news or what? Why not just use der clove hitch or a fancy double figure 8?
  4. WA's best alpine rock & ice routes

    Twin Sisters near Baker, just to add to the list.
  5. Where can I learn to clean aid?

    Squamish has lots of climbs that are too hard to do,(for most mere mortals) but great to aid on....The gear is usually awesome and the variety endless!
  6. old school climbers vs. sport climbers

    This is a beat topic on this site!!!! All the points have been made and everyone knows the end result. What would Freid Say?
  7. Serac-in on Baker!

    this weekend.....forgot that o so important fact!
  8. Serac-in on Baker!

    Looking for partners to head up the North side to hit the seracs! Write waclimber99@aol.com
  9. Fall Ropeup carpooling

    Might be going from Bellingham...Have space for one in my truck...plan to return Sunday eve. WOuld like to share gas$$ etc.
  10. Gimme Some Skins

    I found out that buying skins larger is the easy way to go too....I bought the backcountry axcess (ala the tracker) fat skins and they are super light and grip pretty good! Glue is so-so....
  11. WA pass this weekend 9/15-9/16

    Looking to climb in washington pass this weekend....(I would say Squamish, but I don't even want to go near the borders after all of this crap!) I figure climbing might get my mind off our current global situation! Send me an email...
  12. Cascade Climbers Fall Ropeup needs you!

    Been followiing all of this online hoo-rah, soudns like it'll be fun to hangout that weekend. My tikki torches are in the shop, but I'll bring a bucket of a southern drink (where I learned of it, pause for a yee-haw) called Skip-and-go-naked.....of course only if it is a co-ed affair...