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  1. Skier charged after deadly collision

    I tink maybe Josh is retarted. He ton't know how to spell retarded. At least he can count.
  2. TNF-A5 Radix Haulbag

    missing ?
  3. TNF-A5 Radix Haulbag

    Anyone out there have one of these bags and what do you think about it compared to others you have used ? 7500 Cu-Inches wieghs 5 lbs, 3oz
  4. Avalanche near Revelstoke

    More links on the incident if you care to know: http://www.aspentimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Site=AA&Date=20030123&Category= > NEWS&ArtNo=301220002&Ref=AR&AvisData=AT > > http://www.nationalpost.com/national/story.html?id=%7B9869BFEC-3F6F-464A-BBFC-3F0BB0AE4D7A%7D > > http://alpineclub-edm.org/accidents/accident.asp?id=923
  5. A Suggestion

    How about an Aid Climbing catagory? It would be good to have a place where other Wall Rats could get beta, find new partners, share tips and swap lies. There's one specific to ice conditions.
  6. Snowfield Conditions ???

    Anyone been up to Camp Muir in the last couple days? I would like to get out for some turns on Friday and can't decide which skis to take.
  7. Ultimate SportsMobile

    I thought he died a while back?!
  8. Ultimate SportsMobile

    Can anyone but Allison recommend a good Subaru mechanic? The Road Warrior is getting pretty noisy.
  9. East Buttress, Big Snow ?

    The road is still open but don't know for how long.
  10. East Buttress, Big Snow ?

    the old brown becky says it goes to A1, the 2nd edition says to 5.7 what's your estimate on the grade? standard alpine rack ? sound like quality rock, yes/no ?
  11. East Buttress, Big Snow ?

    Looking for some route beta, anyone been up there latley?
  12. Tele Ski Gear

    No ice, you might as well ski. Reduced to $100.00
  13. Fraser Valley

    You guys crack me up!
  14. Tele Ski Gear

    Purple field with orange stripes down the center.
  15. Tele Ski Gear

    Tua Montets MX, 192 length with Voile three pin cable releasable bindings. Great lift area ski.Reasonable backcountry ski. Used only 100 times. Freshly waxed. $150.00 Call now or they're going to end up at Second Asscent and you'll pay more. 425-255-5365 or send PM [ 02-10-2002: Message edited by: Wired Knut ]