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  1. Minimum Roads Analysis

    Climbed Rainman on Exfoliation Dome on Saturday. The road is very marginal for Honda Civic, we spent an hour road building at the "first washout". Without any road work, and larger trucks and SUVs gunning through, it might soon be impassable for most. Not a single soul there the entire day. Climbing there is a fantastic experience, open granite faces any way you look and beautiful rocky peaks all around. Very tranquil, only noise is from wind and birds. Routes are clean and intelligently bolted. If one climbs at the Apron week in week out, Darrington overall is way better, except for no Starbucks' close by. Cleaner, less sandy than L-worth, and all in one place.
  2. Leavenworth 5.10-ish recommendations?

    The Warrior! It is superb, has a great trad feeling to it, varied climbing, top of the first pitch and on have great views and open, airy feeling. There are other lines on the crag to spend the rest of the day at. No crowds. I was on Snow Creek Wall within a month and ticks are very busy, determined and business-like, doing their own ascents, and one even landed on me from above a couple of pitches up! Neither praying nor beaming up would help
  3. [TR] Baker - Coleman - Deming 3/9/2013

    Hey, Tobias, good to see you getting out. Was there any ice on Colfax?
  4. "Chucky"? Local boys do good :)

    Nice, nice, superb!!!!! Way to do it. Also, thanks for seeing a route where everybody else saw "ice is gone, winter is over" (same as always, or at least 13 years ago). And for inspiration too. You guys rock!
  5. Looking to climb whatever is in on Friday, would love a partner. Up to WI5, maybe +, one'd never know until they get out. Going from Seattle area on I-90.
  6. E. Washington Ice on Friday

    :tup: Monty, you maybe leave/PM your phone, the weather looks bad in the canyon, might be better to head out east from the get go.
  7. E. Washington Ice on Friday

    Call to join in on Fri: 425-208-2649. Likely plan: start in Icicle canyon, then move to Banks shore. I will have rock gear as well. I would gladly change this plan for Fri-Sun in Lillooet.
  8. this weekend?

    just replied
  9. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Leafing? Ha-ha! It is just the opposite, my dear! But yes, would love to climb the Razorblades, looks too hard to solo though...
  10. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Thank you, Alex, really appreciated! Is the mixed portion for Salt&Pepper any different from the past?
  11. Wow, that's one nice looking line! Congrats, great work, guys! Are there any access problems? Thanks!
  12. [TR] Lillooet - -Marble Canyon 1/6/2013

    Sean, sent you a pm.
  13. Hi all. I am planning to go to Lillooet this Friday and climb at Marble, and whatever is open at Bridge Creek, and/or along 99 south. Planning to leave early Friday morning, but willing to change Join me to share the room and/or the ride, or partner up to climb if objectives match. --R
  14. Where Are Baker Seracs?

    Hi everybody. Will anybody please give me a description of how to get to Baker seracs often used for ice "bouldering"? Are there specific times or now is good? Any other considerations? I vaguely remember seeing seracs while hiking up via the Coleman route, but don't know of any local specifics. Thank you!!!
  15. Where Are Baker Seracs?

    Cale, Pika, Gene, thank you guys!!!!! Very kind of you, I barely have time to go climb and crawling all over the web is impossible anymore. Really appreciate it. Have a great fall and winter! Rafael
  16. Hi. Would like to climb this in a day - have to be in town on Sun. The roundtrip is likely to be around 20+ hours (I recently did West Ridge Stuart in 15 c2c, hope to improve on that), depending on routefinding. I can drive, can lead all the hard pitches (but don't insist on any), have all the gear. 4 years ago I had problems routefinding and am scared to solo. I am fine with a different but similar in effort and total time route. Let's go!
  17. I am planning to go up Stuart WR for a conditioning hike, join if interested. This is strictly conditioning for me so minimum 12-13 hours c2c, 14-16 likely. Can be talked into going up Backbone (D-Tail) or whatever's similar,no less than 18 hr c2c. Shorter drives're better. No goals, no "alpine starts", just fun and to decompress. Cheers!
  18. Thin Rap Cord

    I got this 70m 5 mil rap cord, either Mammut tech cord or something like that. Tech data seems to be in favor as it is harder to saw through. But, I used it on a hike up Tooth yesterday and a casual 20 min scramble ended in 1+ hour rap down - the darn cord gets tangled, knotted, twisted like nobody's business. In the past I always used a 7mm static rap cod and never had these problems - it is very supple - while this "tech cord" thing is very stiff, almost like copper wire. Soft cord piles nicely in one area while this stiff cord is all over the place. But then 5mm soft feels scary... Don't know why though So, does anybody use such cord as a rap line, and it is my rope management, or I bought the wrong thing? Thanks!!!
  19. Thin Rap Cord

    Well, glad that they are at least somewhat problematic. They require more handling than the minimum attention a thick pliable rope normally gets. I did get a better hang by the end. Possibly easier with two or more people? Interestingly, I was only using a single strand, just for rappelling (scrambled up to the top), and thought that it would have been easier in a double rope rap setup! My main complaint is how this cord sticks to itself when pulling through anchors. Any info about the cord you are talking about - brand/name? Thank you, Mike!
  20. I threw my poles down the rappel gully and one just kept going... It is a 3-part Black Diamond pole with some duct tape covered by athletic tape at the handle. If found, please return - beer is on me. Thank you!
  21. Discovery pass ticket.

    This is just for my information. The only place I use and a Discover Pass required, is the Mailbox Peak. The gated side road that leads to the actual trail is clearly being maintained - there have been landslides over the years and it is in a pretty good shape now. So, who is maintaining that road and for what purposes? Anybody know? Is it the state parks, or some Fire Fighting entity, or what... Would be great to know. Thanks!