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  1. Partners in North India - Longshot

    Thanks guys. I will do both.
  2. I find myself transplanted from the Cascades, teaching in the foothills of Uttarakhand, in Mussoorie. I have a about a month in June to climb and other random weeks to get out and look for ice and rock. There is not much of a mountaineering community here that I've found, so if anyone has any ideas of where to find motivated partners let me know. I'm comfortable on long trad routes, mixed terrain, experienced above 6000m, and am WFR. Best, Tobias
  3. Ideas for a highschool mountain climb

    Kind of a shame that we need to have a conversation about getting sued for taking a group of teenagers into the mountains. This kind of introduction from an experienced parent is how young people are supposed to get their start scrambling and exploring. If we need to leave taking high school kids scrambling to professionals we break up the community fabric of climbing. Yeah, maybe there is some unavoidable legal risk, be aware of it, but get the kids in the mountains.
  4. [TR] Storm King - Californication 8/14/2016

    Only the talus up through the gully - about 800 feet of it. Other than that it was quite enjoyable! Yeah I thought Storm King not that loose and pretty fun above the talus. Getting off Goode to the south was heinous, and I would not want to come up that way, given other more attractive options as pictured.
  5. This looks awesome. Good rock in remote, rugged, and beautiful area. Thanks for putting it up.
  6. [TR] Mount Stuart - North Ridge 6/3/2016

    Aah, this is the straight dope. What a timely conditions update and worthy PNW adventure. Solid work.
  7. Man nice work and great photos. Granite, ice, and sky. I'd love to see the rest of them. Some are still a bit wonky.
  8. Herman fatality?

    I didn't know Mark but I pitched in. That is a position I'd not want my family, which looks a lot like Marks, to be in.
  9. Colin solos Torre Egger

    Very cool to see Colin still so stoked.
  10. A Ridiculous amount of gear. Mountaineering Stuff

    Some of my favorite climbing movies required just a GoPro.
  11. Partner Found

    Looking for a partner in the 5.10-mid 11 range interested in classics at the lower wall, some of the newer routes at rattletail or the like. I've wanted to climb Heaven's Gate for a while but am open for whatever. I have gear, lead thru low 11. Best contact is ttillemans at hotmail. thanks, Tobias
  12. I love this setup and it has no functional issues, but it's not getting out anymore. I'm going to stick to tele. Dynafit speed skins and boots size 29.5. Bindings with brakes. I'm guessing model year 2012-13. The boot liners are somewhat packed out but still plenty of life. skis have been p-texed but no damage to edges. One of the binding mount holes was stripped and fixed with epoxy and steel wool. Missing a toe cap on one ski. Email with questions or to have a look at ttillemans at hotmail, sorry no shipping, pickup in Shoreline or Kirkland. Boots separate $200 rest of setup $300 Thanks, Tobias Link to photos https://post.craigslist.org/manage/5234115712/f52yw Thanks, Tobias
  13. I've long wondered about this place. Thanks for the report. What do you think one would have to do/bring to create pleasant soaking pool, and would it have to involve the tarp?
  14. Looking for a partner in the 5.10-low 11 range at Index this weekend. Interested in classics at the lower wall, some of the newer routes at rattletail or the like. I've wanted to climb Heaven's Gate for a while but am open for whatever. I have gear, lead thru low 11. I'm happy to follow harder as well. Best contact is ttillemans at hotmail. Tobias