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  1. Anybody want to head to smith or skaha or anywhere dry for 3 to 5 days during this time? Ive got wheels, gear, climb 5.10 or follow harder (somtimes). Never been to either place. Both sound excellent.
  2. I missed the cut at N. community so ended up doing the program at Everett. Its a bit of a drive I know but no entrance restrictions and a comparable program. Seems like a long road getting in with a department and the private company's pay you dirt but the experience alone is worth it.
  3. a couple days at squish, or a shorter alpine climb(rock)? need to know before work tomorrow(3:00 pm) to go sun. mon. -B
  4. Just have the day off and wondering if any one wants to head up that way. send me a pm if your intrested.-B Sunshine+granite=
  5. playing hooky again for three days, would like to climb one or all days wherever looks good. Have gear and wheels need belay for some 5.9ish kind of stuff.
  6. Its been a while, probably looking to climb some 5.9ish kind of stuff, will drive pretty much wherever is good, Ive got the whole day off.
  7. Dont have to work, want to go climb, let me know if you wanna go. Brandon.
  8. I know this is an old log but if your still looking for a partner this weekend (sat) 18th Ive got the day off.Brandon zinful1@hotmail.com
  9. Anyone want to climb tommorrow or/and the next day? 206 352 8242. Brandon.
  10. Hello, I am looking for a partner for mon. tues. Would like to go squamish, but would be into climbing locally too. I am in the Seattle area. 206 352 8242
  11. Have the day off and want to climb sat.? 206--352-8242 Brandon.
  12. damn nab it! I ended up walkin the dog. Next time Ill have to just head out there and hope for the best. Thanks anyway though. Sat is my next day off if anyone out there needs a partner then. Unfortunately Its only one day off so no time for most alpine this week. B
  13. I know its late, but does anyone want to go to index for a few? Its damn nice outside and I swindled out of working.206 352 8242
  14. Wish I could. Working. Maybe next week, monday, tuesday. Brandon.
  15. cresent arch 5.9+, on daff cooke book 5.9 w/ 1 5.10 move, on daff phobos 5.9+ only two pitches, but the second pitch is oustanding. west ridge of conness is a must do (mabey a ropeless affair. aqua knobby, Hoodwink, westcountry, great white book, etc.
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