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  1. A few years ago I remember seeing a poster of one of the Yosemite guys free soloing Lord of the Rings in flip-flops w/beer in hand. I think it was taken back in the 70's sometime. Anyone know what I'm talking about and are able to ID the mystery climber, or better yet, post a link where I can buy the poster?
  2. Totally trippy website

    Damn, that's some funny stuff
  3. Most Hardcore Epic ever?

    Hmmm, I heard watching Titanic was pretty tough too. I haven't seen it to verify the "Epic-ness" of it though . I'll do a couple of marathons in combat boots, but I'm not into suffering that much.
  4. stickers?

    wow, been gone from CC for a little over a year. It's good to see that the spray hasn't changed! Here's to CC, home to the best spray on the web!!
  5. Southern Oregon rock

    Anyone done any climbing around Southern Oregon? I'm getting out of the army soon and am going to be moving to Ashland. Seen a couple books on routes around there, but thought I'd ask if anyone has any firsthand experience. P.S. it'll be nice to be closer to Yosimite might actually get some big wall in sometime in the next year or two
  6. PUB CLUB 7/9

    caveman mutiny??? I've been gone for a couple months. Anyone care to clue me in? Did caveman get drunk again? Actually that's a stupid question, of course he got drunk. Anyway, anyone care to explain?
  7. PUB CLUB 7/9

    just thought I'd bring this to the top in hopes that someone would decide. Let me know and I'll be there
  8. 7/12-7/28 road trip

    I was able to get 2 weeks off and am looking for someone to go on a road trip with. I have a car and only need someone to help with the driving. I'm also open for suggestions (Tetons, Squamish, Yosimite, or anything in between.) Let me know if anyone is interested in leaving for a week to 2 weeks.
  9. Hood: Sandy Glacier Headwall

    a couple friends and I were also planning on hitting up Hood on saturday the 11th. I'm along for the ride, so I'm not sure what route they had planned, probably the dog route also. Gimpy, if you'd like to link up for a beer or two, let me know.
  10. fun shit to do

    did this one on mt. si day before yesterday. Wear a mcdonalds t-shirt in hopes of messing up peoples diets by making them crave fast food. Then once you get to the top, climb the haystack in hiking shoes. Wait till it gets dark and then lose the trail on the way down the mountain. If it gets too dark, use the indiglo from your cellphone to light the path.
  11. More good quotes?

    I will show you fear in a handful of dust.-T.S. Eliot, "The Waste Land" I can only assume he was talking about peeling off of a face after dynoing to a dirty hold.
  12. More good quotes?

    Chiggers, ticks, gnats, nits. Cicadas. Millipedes, centipedes, omnipedes, minipedes, pincerheads, poison toads, land leeches, skinks. Palmetto bugs. Iguanas, fer-de-lance, wolf spiders, diggers, buzzers, hissers, stinkers. Oonipids. Spitting spiders. Ants. Mites. Flits. Whips. Misquitoes. -T. Coraghessan Boyle "Green Hell"
  13. Bouldering in Oregon

    The entire crag is on private property. It goes towards paying for improvements to the crag, and I'm sure a portion goes towards reimbursing the owner of the property for the funds he spent on a lawyer drawing up the liability-release form and for storage of the forms. The owner keeps a copy of all of the waivers on file and occasionally checks up on climbers. He is very friendly though. Oh, it's a one-time fee. If you want more info go to: http://www.portlandrockgym.com/carver.htm
  14. hangin in the breeze

    got a little bored and decided to check out the mountain hardwear site. Who knew that they made kilts? Thinkin about buying a pair for those hot days on the rock when a little extra airflow might be nice Then again, 85 bucks is a little steep for a skirt.
  15. Ed Viesturs Loves Microsoft!

    Castle Superstore is a huge chain porn shop. I buy all my dvd's there You can pick up 3 dvd's for about 40 bucks there. DVD porn, the future is at hand!!!