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  1. Mt JungleGym TR and Necronomicon sighting

    you've posted what? 4 trs about your little weekend adventure, and still havent been able to articulate what the heck you did oh i guess complete thoughts get taught in the second grade, nevermind, i'll wait until next year
  2. msg for Mike Adamson

    Dru, my last name is not Kramar dont get me wrong I think alpinelite has some good humor (well, when you get through all the Javascript errors anyway). "tried to create some kind of personal issue with me" blah blah "as long as you never post here again" blah blah listen to yourself sometime, its frightening, arent you out of high school yet? v ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  3. msg for Mike Adamson

    So I am doing my weekly/monthly rounds, and I find this garbage [cascadeclimbers.com spoof] "Jon and Tim are cool and they know I'm cool with them too. This page is not an attempt to discredit their work on putting up this site. There are just some real fucking gapers on this site that think they have some inherent coolness factor pecking away on their computers. Call me a sprayer if you will but this sprayer climbs almost everyday. I don't really see too many of you out there on a regular basis so I assume you're mostly just shit talkers. Whatever, I'd be happy to engage in a violent physical confrontation with Pencil Pusher, VKaspar and and anyone else who wants to step up to the plate. Feel free to email me a time and place to meet you at mikeadamson@alpinelite.com. YOU WILL MAKE MY DAY. " I find it odd and strange that you would post such a terribly obvious/not funny spoof of cc.com. I find it unfortunte that you have singled me out for some reason, please take my name off your site at once. As for the rest of your little-boy diatribe, you sure are bitter for a person with such a perfect life. Boo hoo too bad for the rest of us "fucking gapers". victoria ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  4. Pulling Posts

    oh, nevermind [This message has been edited by vkaspar (edited 06-04-2001).]
  5. Pulling Posts

    surprising amount of angst in you, mr adamson.. I dont know you, but I took a look at this site of yours. you might want to visit http://alpinelite.com/wwwboard/passwd.txt and http://alpinelite.com/wwwboard/ and fix up your permissions on your site a little, before the grand opening.. v ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  6. Winthrop/Emmons suggestions

    drive to white river, friday evening. plan 1: real fast and light take day packs. hike to camp shurman up the interglacier after dark, keep going. Headlamps or moonlight should make the climbers trail up the Emmons easy to follow unless there has been significant precip on the mountian in the last few days. you will summit early morning sometime, be down early afternoon, and out to the car in under 24 hours. any other way you do it, getting there friday night will not buy you anything over getting there sat afternoon vicky ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  7. Advice needed...

    there is only one "steep"-ish slope on the south spur route, around 11,000 feet, enjoyable skiing, perhaps av danger but you have to judge when you are there. you leave in the early morning to get back down by happy hour, or course! ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  8. Advice needed...

    gaper, with a nice early start, adams is an easy day trip, just like the 14ers in Colorado. chances are you wont need the crampons this late in the year, but they are nice to have along. ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  9. Top 10 Glissades in the state

    *asgaard pass! *from steamboat prow top the base of interglacier
  10. Rope found in Index?

    "bandwagon, yawn" make up your mind, then piss off! ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  11. Rope found in Index?

    i know one thing now, if i ever leave a piece of gear somewhere, i sure as a flying Neanderthal know better than to ask on CascadeClimbers.com for its return. nice attitudes assholes "look out for number one!" I'm glad you can find someone to climb with cause all that bad karma's got insurance claims written all over it. Nwdiver, good luck, hope you get it back ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  12. New Leavenworth Routes

    viktor, any updated info will be good, we all appreciate the time and effort you put into your work. I don't mind the drawings, I think an author can present more information with a topo than with crag shots: the crag shots help in overall orientation, but do nothing to help make out features on the route of interest like fixed gear, RFC, LFC, size of cracks etc. Perhaps a happy balance is crag shots for an overview of the area, then topos for specifics. I don't want to cart a large book around, so smaller the better. I think excellent examples of the size I am thinking are the more East-coast guides on Adirondacks (Don Mellor) and the Gunks. For some reason, all the PNW guides (Smith Rock, Nelson/Potterfield,Beckey,Smoot's etc) that have been published in the last ten years are published in a larger format that is not handy to just throw into a day pack. Thanks for the Duty-Warrior link-up idea! ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar
  13. Tonight's Surf-Report

    enlightening.. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/news/local/cars/
  14. Liberty Ridge

    the carbon will open a little early, but should be ok through june. thumb is protected from rockfall, you can always dig into a drift or build a snow wall. ------------------ safe climbing! vkaspar