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  1. Cilogear 30:30, 40B, similar offerings?

    +1 for the Alpha FL 45
  2. [TR] Cody, WY - Various Classics 3/1/2015

    Did you fly directly to Cody? I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to get there from Seattle.
  3. Colin Haley at Seattle Mountaineers 4/10

  4. LS Boots, BCA Tracker, FF Geoduck Pillow

    La Sportiva Nepal (previous version) size 42.5. Good condition, lots of life in the soles - $150 La Sportiva Trango Alp (older version) size 42. Good condition, lots of life in the soles - $80 BCA Tracker. Works as expected. Used in for my AIRIE 1 last year, range was approximately 45 m - $100 Feathered Friends Geoduck Down Pillow. Used only a few times, like new - $20 I live in Bellingham and make it down to Seattle occasionally. Can meet in person or ship at buyer's expense. PM or email. matsfredrickson at gmail dot com
  5. Lost: BD Hiking Pole, Chair Peak

    Just before the snow traverse to the N Face of Chair Peak my pole was blown off the ridge and down the approach side. It's red and silver with a black handle, I can provide a picture of it's partner. I'll happily trade a 6 pack for it.
  6. Pan Dome Falls Conditions

    In case anyone's curious, here a picture of Pan Dome Falls from chair 2.
  7. Pan Dome Falls Conditions

    Does anyone have any information on the condition of Pan Dome Falls? Thanks!
  8. SOLD!: Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

    Email sent on the 2 13cm screws
  9. Climbing Partner wanted.

    PM sent (about climbing)
  10. Bugaboos?

    I just got back from my first visit a few days ago. There is a big schrund part way up the Snowpatch-Bugaboo col. The schrund could grow big enough to make access much more difficult. I believe that approaching via this col is necessary for all of teh Howser Towers, Pigeon Spire, and the Kain Route on Bugaboo Spire, to name a few. Others said the col is currently very melted out but since this was my first visit, I don't have a basis for comparison. My understanding is that the window for good weather is pretty narrow in the Bugs. People have told me that it can start snowing in September.
  11. Foggy Glacier Glasses

    Thanks for the replies, all. I could try a few different antifog treatments but I think controlling sweat is the key. Unfortunately I can't wear less than my soft shell pants and a tshirt, but I think a headband is in order to stop sweat from getting to my face.
  12. Sleeping Bag for Summer Mountaineering

    I use the Western Mountaineering Caribou (35* down) for mid Spring to mid Fall, which weighs 18 oz for the short size. I wear extra clothes to bed in the shoulder seasons and sometimes I'm a bit cold but I think that's a fair trade for such a light bag. If I had to do it again, I'd probably opt for the WM Highlite, which is also a 35* down bag and weighs 16 oz, though it's cut a bit slimmer than the Caribou. Pro Mountain Sports carries both (shop local!) and Jim Nelson has a wealth of knowledge about all things Cascades.
  13. South Apron Closed: Rock Fall Hazard

    For those who are curious, all of the Apron climbs are open. I climbed Over the Rainbow yesterday and you could see where the rock came to rest against that little tree.
  14. Squamish 6/29-7/2 and more

    Email sent RE this weekend
  15. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Complete North Ridge 6/22/2013

    Nice! This route is definitely on the list