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  1. Mountaineers in Leavenworth this weekend

    One deal with the mounties I've experienced is bad attitude! They think they own the crag and have basically told me so. "No we are taking a class these two routes are ours!" (nobody was at the base even!) Yeah right..Not only teach skills, but teach climbing ettiqute. If a party shows up do your best to share the rock and let them climb something! I've also seen some mountie top rope set ups and gear anchors that would make John long write a new book entitled "Useless anchors part III". I met some mounties that were obviously flustered/panic ridden on the R.D. route in L-worth (anchored to one nut as I remember) who we helped to the top..... they didn't even say thanks or anything! This 90 person extravaganza is a joke and just not good for the rest of us! Limit your group size....spread people out, go somewhere obscure with the new folks, and overall be nice to other climbers!
  2. Climb/ski gear for sale. Welcome to C-bay!

    Good stuff for sale!Cleaning house in Bellingham! I decided I will not ship (sorry), so plan a trip to Baker! write Waclimber99@aol.com Skis Black Diamond Grand Vitesse 200's $50Asolo snowfields need resole uppers in great shape! $50StuffSierra designs -20 deg bag,syn. pretty light! $75Lowe Klettersack good alpine day pack $15Old Lowe large daypack with custom Dana shovit $40 Vintage postcards (40's-60's???) including Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker and many Seattle shots. Write me for some scanned images...then make an offer Roadtripping stuffSmall marine battery $20battery charger $20Portable firefly heater (propane) $20 used 2x [ 11-04-2001: Message edited by: Geoffo ]
  3. Heliotrope Ridge this weekend!

    Yep, it was crevassed where last year was smooth, I could even see blue ice in places I had skiied last year....I've met people that didn't even know that was a glacier!!!! I skiied further to the right of the black buttes away from any trouble!
  4. I took a trip up the glacier creek road last sunday and had a great ski...fresh powder(I mean sugar..it's been cold!), road is open up to 1/2 mile or so to the T.H., and the trail for the most part was ski-able! Anybody wanna go this weekend? Dogs very welcome write waclimber99@aol.com
  5. tele skiing

    The tele vs. Alpine/Randon-eh debate (with resulting bumperstickers) is as old as the hills (and as exciting as exciting as sport vs. trad hoo-rah)lets call a truce and say anybody that goes out of bounds on board, on ski, or pogo stick has the right idea...doesn't matter what your on it's that your out there!
  6. Red Rocks!

    Anybody wanna organized a caravan to Red Rocks or J-tree from the northwest? Write to Waclimber99@aol.com! I'd like to do this to save gas, add excitement and of course climb! Viva las Vegas!
  7. Sportextreame

    One thing to remember is that everyone, regardless of how cool you are, started out as a newbie.... Your gear was shiny, placements shaky, and probably a few close calls... if your honest with yourself,most don't really have a clue for those first years huh?(I look back and I know I didn't!) Ya pay your dues and eventually make it, lets let those folks(newbies) do the same in peace. If all those REI encouraged people quit climbing more used (great) gear for the rest of us! Seriously too, don't worry about REI fear Walmart....
  8. Ruth Mountain Mecca!

    I'm a teacher and I took some of my students on Ruth Mountain this past week. If there isn't a better climb to inspire some new new climbers! The views of Shuckson are intense, with a closeup view of Nooksack tower. Also from the saddle before the Ruth glacier Baker is framed in another saddle in the opposite ridge. It's not a hard climb by any means but well worth it. The lower meadows had some nice friendly black bears, campsite have a Japanese garden feel to them.....Hike it, ski it, can't miss this climb!
  9. Best Resole in NW?

    Who is the best resoler in the NW???? I want speedy, good and friendly!
  10. Border Guard Quote!

    "You were at Squamish! You boys gonna wear that hunk a granite down to nothin!" Truck Crossing Sunday May 20th Yes they were that nice!
  11. SOmeone hurt in leavenworth?

    Mountaineer bashing is so easy to do....Can't we all just get along? If your heading to the icicle on a sat or sun that's what ya get. (lots of people) But mountaineers need to learn: go midweek with your giganto groups, learn climbing ettiqute(don't hog climbs, make efforts to let other get a chance) and remember the climbers who you may be turning your noses to, are the ones who will(or might) rescue you!(that goes for everybody and even rhymes!)
  12. Lyme in the coconut!

    My dad's a doc and he said lyme disease can lie dormant for quite a while. A woman he knows had no idea she had it and it appeared about two years later as severe arthritis in her joints!!!! She was basically unable to walk etc. until she took strong doses of anti-biotics......Sounded like the kind of thing that would limit ones climbin career! Lots of good advice on this site....he said to watch for trouble at the bite area: As someone mentioned they have to be on ya for a while (12 hours?....) Treatment is pretty easy with lots of antibiotics..untreated it's bad ju-ju!
  13. Looking for climbers to plan a week or two in the Bugs.....Never been there, but drooling at the guidebook and all that granite! waclimber99@aol.com
  14. Looking for B'ham area climbers.

    I'm looking for summer climbing (and whitewater) partners from Bham...Like to climb trad 5.8,9 ?? whatever? I'll do trad, alpine, big wall.... Have solid self rescue skill and wfr. Not into ego's or proving how cool I am, just like to climb....Available from Mid June to August(teaching is the job kiddos) waclimber99@aol.com
  15. Went up to ski Heliotrope Ridge Thursday 04/12....Got to within 45 minutes of the trailhead (1 to1.5 miles?)(Not sure what the new snow Thursday night/Friday amounted to??)Trail was easy follow with a wild mix of snow all the way.(powder, breakable crust(thick and thin),and more. Ski-able and fun....Upper ridges are windpack, some great pockets of powder!