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    Trip: Dragontail - TC Trip Date: 05/01/2018 Trip Report: Quick conditions update for anyone looking to snag some last minute ice...there isn’t any! Jacob and i climbed TC yesterday and the runnels were mostly dry with small bits of delaminating ice and rotten snow. It was pretty heady and took a while. Theres Gear Notes: We used a stubby twice. Lots of pins and cams. Approach Notes: Open the stinking road already!
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    WADDINGTON RANGE TRIP - July 2018: 2 more people needed for helicopter. Hello, My fiancée and I are planning a trip to the Waddington Range sometime in July. We're looking for 2 more people to fill up the helicopter. Our plan would be to fly into Plummer Hut or Dragonback Camp and spend 2 weeks in the range. This allows for weather windows, rest days, etc. Helicopter flight is approx. $1000 / person (obviously expensive but it's worth it). I've been in to the range once before. For those who aren't familiar with this world class alpine area, check out the guidebook: http://www.highcol.ca/downloads/preview-waddington-guide.pdf If you or any other climbers you know would be interested in going, email me at mike.gudaitis(at)gmail.com me or give me a call at 6(zero)4-616-4758. Cheers, Mike Gudaitis