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  1. This place is like Monte Cristo

    @Z-Man @JasonG Mountain Project and Facebook groups seem to be where 90% of partner finding goes on besides people you know or hookups from people you know. @olyclimber I only call it that because it certainly is more infamous for trolling and pointless name calling over ethics debates than any social media platform, but that's sort of the nature of forums. I had browsed on here a few times before the new updates and everything seems so much smoother, so I'm sure that will bring at least a few people back. The only problem I have so far is the new color, but I dislike orange more than most people so whatever 🙄
  2. Top rope solo with Wild Country Ropeman

    This is probably a bit late, but I have used a pair of ropemen for most of the TR soloing I have done (had them from some mountaineering gear given to me). They definitely don't feed as well as a microtrax but with more weight at the bottom of the rope it works fine. If I had lots of money I would get two microtraxions but...free gear is the best gear. Edit: The teeth are pretty agressive and offer a totally slip free catch...so there's that.
  3. This place is like Monte Cristo

    Alright y'all convinced a youngin climber to start spending less time on instagram and spend some sunday nights spraying onto this snake pit instead. Only like 1200 more youngins to go to replace all the old farts that are long gone.