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  1. One could hang another rope then wait for them to come back and finish said discussion on the top of the cliff.... I wonder if a video of them doing it would be attempted murder?
  2. What type of tent was it please? Do you remember the color? Please contact me asap about this. smithrock@gmail.com thanks, Eric
  3. Jesus man you c2c'd Luna? You're a suckered for pain!!!
  4. Outer Space altered on SCW

    I climbed it in 2012 and was like 30lbs over weight at the time, I also had the backpack as I was following, I remember grabbing the flake and it flexed and groaned, it felt like I could have put a foot on the wall and pryed it off. That really sucks but no harm no foul to you guys. Thanks for checking it out John. It wouldn't suprise me if a shinny thing appears....just saying.
  5. Expanding North Cascades NP

    Did anyone else see that they dropped the grizzly reintroduction options and are now going to have meetings? I, for one, don't want grizzlies in the North Cascades. What do you guys think?
  6. Expanding North Cascades NP

    I agree this latest move by Congress is troublesome and that the land should have more protection. That's why we should protect it as a Wilderness Area.
  7. Thanks for the stoke Wayne, I'm missing that place this fall.
  8. Winter speculation thread

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a climate denialist. It's just some of the predictions thrown around are alarmist. An example that pops to mind is the prediction in 1999 that Himalayan glaciers that were supposed to melt and disappear by 2014 causing a huge drought and humanitarian crisis. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/ipcc-finally-acknowledges-its-e2809chimalayan-blundere2809d/
  9. Winter speculation thread

    The remnants of that tropical storm were supposed to hit western wa last Saturday. Two days out everyone was buying food and fueling, costco ran out of bread. Then the storm hit???? NOT. If they can't call the storm of the decade two days out why does anyone take the seasonal forcast seriously or dare I say AGW...
  10. Sweet send in an ultra classic Alpine setting. I climbed the Matterhorn way back in 94. My buddy and I got back to the hut at dinner time and decided we would rather walk the 12+ miles back to Zermatt than pay 65 swiss franc to sleep with a crowd. A full moon came out and we had an amazing moon lit hike that ended at the bench in front of the church at day break. Everything in Zermatt looks like it was built in the 1500's; so we were a little surprised when a door came swing open at 5 am and had the golden arches stenciled on it.
  11. Random question re electrical networks

    The pictures you show look like a lot of metal and effort form fossil fuels to set up and then we get electricity. I hear whoever said pump water up hill then run it down when you need it and the hydrogen solution but both are zero sum games. That's the difference between power and energy, energy can be stored. You can fill a barrel with 55 gallons of oil, bury it in the ground for 10'000 years pull it out and use it. Same with coal or natural gas but not with electricity. What seriously cracks me up or depresses me is that when we start talking about running out of fossil fuels the conversation ultimately goes to electricity. Here's the 411, electricity is a luxury compared to oil. Electricity is almost meaningless without oil. Would you like to hear the four truest words ever spoken? WE RUN ON DIESEL. Lets make a short list of what oil does and what electricity does. Oil Virtually every ship plane train truck tractor mines heats our homes light cars and trucks plastics (no current substitute) pesticides (no current substitutes) fertilizer (no current substitutes) around 150 different petro chemicals that literally go into thousands of products and hundreds of manufacturing processes....(no current substitute) Electricity Pumps our water (that's the most important function of electricity) lights computers some busses and cars.... Electricity, in the context of our modern way of life is almost meaningless. Now, if you want to make a solar panel how do we do that? It involves three different high heat processes to make glass, metal and an integrated circuit. It all has to be mined (oil), transported (oil), manufactured (oil), transported again (oil), setup (oil) and finally it makes electricity. EROEI or Energy Returned on Energy Invested is the only bar we should be looking at for "solutions". Solar is just now barely breaking even on EROEI (in the context of solar on roof and converting it to ac and putting it on the grid. Solar is way EROEI negative if you get batteries to store power.) and Nuclear never did. That brings us to electric cars. "In the face of imminent global chaos, from climate change, overpopulation and energy depletion, billions are being poured into development of alternative methods of transportation. Elon Musk, though producing a first class electric car, proposes it to be a vehicle for the ‘post oil’ age, which will inevitably mean a downsized environment. He ignores the basic reality that no road vehicle in the context of modern usage can function without an infrastructure that is itself a construct of hydrocarbon. The notion is that we can all get into electric cars and continue to drive from home to work and back, and our comfortable lifestyle can carry on much as before. In other words, it is the vehicle itself that creates and supports our prosperity. If we use an electric car, we can still somehow move a lump of metal and plastic around as an integral part of our employment and leisure. But the electric car adds to the socio-economic complexity of our over-stressed life support system, it does not simplify it. In addition to the factory itself, an electric car needs sophisticated power hungry production systems, a living environment for its workers, housing, roads, schools and so on, as well as the Bolivian lithium mines and the socio-economic-industrial complexity needed in that country, all solely dependent on a vehicle concept that is ultimately a consumer of the hydrocarbon fuel it is promising to replace. All these systems are (hydrocarbon) energy intensive and expensive to produce. In a downsized society, that complexity will not exist, yet our focus on such dead ends as the electric car shows that humankind does not have the means to rid itself of dependence on the wheel. While the electric car might appear to be a bright shiny symbol of continuing wealth and prosperity, it is in fact a block of embodied energy, as subject to the laws of thermodynamics as any other construction. It demands constant energy input to maintain its viability, and serves no useful purpose in a downsized environment because the means to sustain will not be there. No industrialised nation can maintain its road transport system without the constant input of oil. Fossil fuelled vehicles, whether used on land, air or sea produce our food, sustain our infrastructure and maintain the cohesion of nations. And there are no alternatives." I think Elon Musk is super cool and the fact he and JB are landing rockets is sick. BUUUUTTTTTTT his whole electric car thing is a scam, the gov has given tesela billions to make a glorified golf-cart. There are 850 million light cars and trucks that have ICE. The resources don't exist to make 850 million of any type of vehicle let alone an electric one who's true EROEI is negative. http://www.resilience.org/stories/2016-09-20/just-16-000-catenary-trucks-would-use-all-of-california-s-electricity-with-only-2400-to-8300-miles-of-overhead-wires have a look at this recent artical about making trucks electric. And I know I strayed way off the original topic but I truly believe that anyone talking and electric solutions is deeply in denial. Here is a recent artical on better grid modeling to make better use of what we have. http://www.resilience.org/stories/2016-10-12/better-grid-modeling
  12. Random question re electrical networks

    what's even crazier to ponder is this machine we are discussing is the largest and most complex machine ever built. it takes a massive input of fossil fuels to maintain it. And solar power is almost useless without it.
  13. You said it! Pro Mountain Sports has the high end gear and there's a good chance you can chew the fat with Jim and get some of the best beta going about the Cascade Range or gear advice from a REAL climber.
  14. Training for the New Alpinism first full cycle

    That trip report was sick!!! Well done you guys!