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Possible Fatality on Aasgard Pass 6/5/2016

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Partner and I were bivying in the boulder field by Colchuck Lake Yesterday, 6/5 when we were approached by a hiker asking if we had a PLB or cell signal to call for SAR. Apparently he witnessed an accident where an individual was glissading down Aasgard Pass, lost control, and went over the large cliff/waterfall in the center of the pass. After going over the cliff, the individual apparently fell into a hole where the stream went under the snow. His partners searched the area but were unable to locate him.


Helicopter was out around 12:00-1:00 AM overnight, did repeated low-altidude flybys. According to the news article they were using thermal imaging.


Article here - http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2016/jun/06/hiker-vanishes-over-edge-in-alpine-lakes-wildernes/


All-too-similar to the accident in the same place a few years back. http://publications.americanalpineclub.org/articles/13201208800/Loss-of-Control-on-Glissade-Fall-into-CrevasseMoat-Inexperience-Washington-North-Cascades-Aasgard-Pass


Condolences to his friends and family.

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I glissaded into that same waterfall (and was swept under the snowpack and trapped in the freezing water) back in 1998. It was an incredibly humbling experience to go from a warm, sunny glissade to death's frozen door so quickly. I hit my head as I went into the hole and was dazed and somewhat complacent in my initial recognition of the seriousness of the situation.


I tried to climb out of the steep wet rock and ice under the snowpack but was unable to do so. After I abandoned my pack (which had filled with 100 pounds of water) I was able to tunnel my way out of the snow, emerging way downslope from the hole I had fallen into, to see my partner peering (and shouting) into the hole upslope. I destroyed my fleece liner gloves clawing my way out of the snowpack.


We built an anchor and I went back into the hole again to retrieve my pack, using a fixed line that allowed me to safely descend and climb back out again.


It was one of my closest calls in the mountains and the key lessons learned had to do with not glissading carelessly, especially when you can't see the full runout below. It also leads me to warn others about this specific waterfall whenever I have a chance to do so.


Condolences to all involved and affected by this incident.

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tstory, please contact me if you see this message. It would mean a lot to get more details about what happened on Sunday from your prospective.


I'm a friend of the missing hiker on Aasgard's Pass and here to pass on a message from his family. I urge anyone on this forum in the area to help with search and rescue efforts and anyone who was up there on Sunday who might have met or seen him to contact me directly. I can be reached on my cell/text at 425-301-6453 and on email at turtlefarmer@gmail.com.


I've included the message from his parents below. Please feel free to help spread the word.



Heng Sun




On June 4th, He Qi, 24 years old, was glissading down the snow on Asgard Pass. In his group, being in the lead, he slid over the edge of a waterfall and into fast-moving water.


As of 1:00 pm on June 6th, the Chelan County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Unit has suspended their search until weather conditions are suitable.


To the caring citizens and the family, friends, and communities of our dear friend He Qi:


We beg that you be on the look out for any new information and immediately contact us at 615-260-0304 as soon as possible if you do receive any news regarding Qi's missing status.


This bright, ambitious, and adventurous man's disappearance has left a tremendous impact on his friends and family. To know that the whole community is aware of this situation and will take action if needed will greatly consolidate them. It would mean so much to his distressed friends and relatives for any new information.


Again, please contact 615-260-0304 or tangc0000@yahoo.com for any news regarding Qi's disappearance.

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HI Turtlefarmer:


I know you and your friend mean well but anyone with information on the accident should provide it to the authorities, not directly to an individual requesting it on the inter webs.


Sorry for your loss.



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