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Hood conditions Memorial day?


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Everything points to great ice conditions for DKH for Memorial day, cept for that fact that I haven't been on the mountain this year...


Anyone know if DKH is still in?


I am assuming steel cliffs are done from the way the mountain looks from Portland.


In.... yes.... as in, still covered in frozen shit... problem this week will be the fact that all the gullies are gonna be absolutely bowling alleys, with warm temps and brite sun forecast all week


Get up the headwall before the sun starts hitting the spires at the top, for sure!

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Update: DKH conditions on 5/31


Was gonna post a TR but I don't have the time, sorry folks. Also, no pics of the ice step so I'll quickly describe this here.


Conditions were fine when we got into the gully around 6am. Ice placements were mostly questionable throughout the first, and seemingly only, gully. It just seemed like one long WI12-3 gully with a 15-20' WI4 step at the top. Above this crux was good snow that took bomber pickets.


There was some gravel sized ice coming down all morning due to the wind up top. Eventually this died down and we were out before the sun loosened stuff started.


We eventually reached a tower where it looked like the route could have gone right, but we went left and climbed over a small ice rib and down into the gully adjacent to right-most PG exit.


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