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Backcountry Skiing Partners PDX Area


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Haven't had a ton of luck finding BC skiing partners since moving out to Portland. Plenty of climbers, but not so many skiers. Looking to get some good skiing in, but also always up for climbing as well. Avy level 1 cert and about 5 seasons bc skiing, climbing about 8 years. Just looking to get out and have some fun. Hit me up if interested.

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Hey Ian. Sorry, haven't been checking CC that often. But I'm up for getting out whenever. I'm usually free Fri-Sun, but changes sometimes with work. I've really only skied the Newton and the South Side so far but I'm up for exploring. Hit me up whenever. 5038036726

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Hey I am new to the area (moved down here to go to school from AK). Have been backcountry skiing for about 8 years. My schedule is a bit sporadic, but send me an email at npray@alaska.edu and maybe we can set something up.


P.S. Ice and alpine are nice too!

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i've got ~4yr bc skiing, avy 1, climbing about 7 years. Have a few people I ski with but have never felt like one can have two many outdoors partners between schedules and objective preferences. I'm also kind of looking for folks who'd be down to skin in and do a base camp around Jeff, TFJ, or around Willamette Pass/Diamond and get some skiing in over a weekend.





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Tomorrow (Monday March 14) Mt. Hood will be receiving heavy snow. Tuesday I'm planning to drive up at 8:30am, be back in Portland at 4pm. My goal is randonee touring in the backcountry, ideally near Ski Bowl, on Tom Dick and Harry. But if the NWAC advisory is High, I'd prefer to stay off anything avy prone, or just ski Meadows.


Anyone interested in joining?








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