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Thanksgiving @ City of Rocks


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Hey all,


Trying to figure out the feasibility of climbing at the City this time of year. Never been. Any particularly good areas to soak up the sun/be sheltered from the wind? I'd like to target cracks, 5.8 and under. Hope they aren't filled with ice!

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Right now things are wet and cold. Not an awesome time to be at 6,000 feet in the Albion mountains.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday look yucky to me. But you may get out for a few climbs on Friday and Saturday if you're ok with climbing with a puffy and beeny.

If you do have to go, Elephant Rock hosts the classics and you should hit those in the sunny morning. Then I'd head to the upper Breadloaves in the Afternoon and evening. If its windy, stay down off the rim (avoid the Breadloaves, Bath Rock, ect.) and opt for climbing down in the bowl on Lost Arrow Spire, Stripe Rock, ect.

Just some ideas.

Don't forget to hit Durfee Hot Springs to warm up after a long day of teeth chattering cragging.


On the flip side, the Friday and Saturday pocket of good weather could be almost tropical. I've gone to the City in Dec when the sun is shining and there is no wind. Even though its 28 or 35 degrees, it feels like its in the 60's.

Good luck.

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Hi Kevin, George passed on City and went to Moab and then even further south to Arizona is what I heard. Looking forward to a trip report if and when he comes back. He's probably getting in lap after lap. He's missing nothing. All we've been getting in is rain...and more rain. He'll probably be back with tales of warm granite and long crack routes in time for Christmas I bet.

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