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Anyone taking their avalanche 1 this season?


Anyone have experience with pacific alpine guides for that course?


I'm looking at taking it at hurricane ridge in the Olympics and see classes available in December and January. Any recommendations based on expected snow pack and learning opportunities for time of year to do it?




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I haven't taken a course from PAG, but they have a good reputation and I know they have quality people working for them.


As far as location, Hurricane Ridge would be as good as anywhere else for an L1. The curriculum you will cover depends on simply being able to access avalanche terrain, a variety of snow stratigraphy would be nice but not necessary for an L1.


As far as time of year, I would error on the earlier part of the season. You will get more out of the information you learn and be able to put it into practice more frequently this season if you take the course early in the season. If you take it late, you will have limited opportunities to practice the skills you've gained.


Whenever you decide to take a Level 2, focus on a location where you can see a variety of snow stratigraphy and consider doing it away from the place you normally backcountry ski.

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