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[TR] Gorillas in the Mist - 7/14/2014


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Trip: Gorillas in the mist -


Date: 7/14/2014


Trip Report:


Jon and I enjoyed this route last weekend. Being hot it was the perfect choice as it gets no sun until later in the afternoon. It has the feel of a big-time Cascades route. If you haven't checked it out yet here is a link to mine, and the other reports I could find. I am hoping someone has info on the direct finish, thanks






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I am hoping someone has info on the direct finish


Hey Wayne-

Jens, Sol and I did the FA of the direct in 2011- pm any one of us or however you want to do it. I'm haven't heard of anyone repeating the upper section yet but I haven't been paying much attention, Jens and Sol would know more.


The direct has great climbing, and overall it's a bit easier than the lower part- it will be even better when it gets more traffic and gets the lichen cleaned off it. Go back and hit it!

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