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FS: Black Diamond Camalots for sale - huge rack

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See my ad here, too: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/3824324502.html


Dropbox gallery / pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7ym3iwk6lbbwcz1/QTM2qDSrk1'>https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7ym3iwk6lbbwcz1/QTM2qDSrk1 and I also PhotoPosted them.


Now's your chance to save some cash on cams! No sales tax, no shipping, save a few bucks on each one, AND get a free BD or Wild Country biner with each one! Wow, I sound like a salesman. But seriously, folks...


Selling a bunch of these guys: http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en-us/shop/climb/protection/camalottm


We've got a TON of Camalots that my wife and I have decided we're just not going to use. We gave the trad climbing thing a try on our honeymoon (Moab and Red Rocks) that we just returned from and have decided we'd rather just stick to sport climbing and spend the money on a motorcycle instead. We have all the receipts and we even have most of the original tags. Some were bought on Amazon through various vendors who had the best deal at the time, and a few were from Mountain Gear/other websites. Again, we have all the receipts and you can take them with you. Obviously we can't return any climbing gear, even though 85% of these cams have been purchased in the last 4-6 weeks.


I have 3 full racks of Camalots from itty bitty to #5, a few more in random sizes, a pair of Metolius tri-cams, and a Big Bro #2. Let me know if you're interested in specific ones and I can tell you what I have left in "inventory". Most have only been racked up and never placed...and again, most have only been hanging on a harness for a few hours during our honeymoon. No falls on anything, except for the one #5 I have...that one I've had for 3 years and it's had been "weighted" a few times - we are both just too scared to "push it" on the trad "sharp end" anymore. It was a fun trip and a good realization to come to before anyone got hurt; we just both feel much safer appreciating the simple joys of sport climbing vs the trad type.


Buying the whole lot would certainly be ideal for me and a sweeter deal for you, as I wouldn't have to spend extra effort selling just a cam or two to a whole bunch of people, so I would knock some money off the whole kit. However, this is probably an unlikely scenario. If you're interested in the whole kit, I think $1500 would be the figure (add it up yourself). The prices for buying one cam in each of the sizes listed below INCLUDES A RACKING CAM (around $6-$7 each), and almost every single one is brand new/never even been scratched (mostly BD Neutrinos, color matches, but a few Metolius FS Mini biners and a few Wild Country Astros). This is what I have:


BD Camalots, mostly brand new 2013 stock (a few 2011 or 2012 ones that have been drug around the Cascades, but never or rarely placed):


(1) #5 $80 including a biner (retail is $110, without a biner)


(1) #4 $70 including a biner (retail is $85, without a biner)


(3) #3 $60 each, including a biner (retail is $70, without a biner)


(4) #2 $60 each, including a biner (retail is $70, without a biner)


(5) #1 $55 each, including a biner (retail is $65, without a biner)


(4) #.75 $50 each, including a biner (retail is $60, without a biner)


(4) #.5 $50 each, including a biner (retail is $60, without a biner)


(2) #.4 $50 each, including a biner (retail is $60, without a biner)


(1) #.3 $50 including a biner (retail is $60, without a biner)


plus 1 each Metolius TCU 00 and 4 (http://www.metoliusclimbing.com/tcu.html), retail is $60/each, will sell for $45/each


That's 27 cams total, at the moment, plus I have one Big Bro #2, unused/never placed (http://www.trango.com/Protection/big%20bro) that we bought for $94, will sell for $80, already strung with 5mm tech cord I bought at Pagan Mountaineering while in Moab.


Again, all cams are sold with a BD Neutrino or Wild Country 'biner, color coded for racking.


$1500 for the whole lot, or come pick through what you want...


Text me (preferable) or call (I work 8a-6p though) @ 206 - three seven two - two one five three




Gallery of these pics in hi-res:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7ym3iwk6lbbwcz1/QTM2qDSrk1 [img:left]http://file://localhost/C:/Users/Production%20Coord/Desktop/Cams/2013-05-22%2022.41.52.jpg[/img]

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Howdy Blaine,


Sign me up; I'll take 1 each, #0.5 through #4 please. I can p/u in Seattle.




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For those prices!!! I'd rather spend a few extra dollars and get something I know to be brand new. As a general rule of thumb.... used gear, no matter how unused, sells for 33% of retail. Anyone who can afford to pay 80% of retail can afford to pay new and have the peace of mind that they will live when they fall.

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Mark, shoot me a text or ring me; I still have two sets of .75 through 3's available. The ones remaining are 100% unplaced and the biners are new, as well. The smaller stuff (except for the TCUs) and the #4 and #5 are gone. The Big Bro #2 is still available. I have all the gear in my car and will be out and about this evening, so perhaps I can swing by the area you're in. 206-372-2153


Spiderman, didn't your momma ever tell you "If you don't have anything intelligent to say, keep your mouth shut."? To categorically comment as you have shows how naive you are. I sold all but 8 of cams before you even posted your dumb ass comment. I seriously doubt those three folks I sold my gear to are somehow lacking in judgment or intelligence, considering all were close to twice my age and have "been around the mountain" a few times. I would climb with those three gentlemen any day. They aren't idiots. As described, the gear is literally unused, save for the ones that have already been purchased and their use was extremely light. I'm not an asshole. A quick look in good light, up close, confirms the condition I have described. I'm simply trying to recoup my loss on a type of climbing my wife and I no longer wish to pursue. If you choose not to purchase my gear because of your precious feelings, by all means, go back to endlessly perusing and commenting on cc.com instead of doing something constructive with your words. You may find this interesting and constructive: http://www.grammarbook.com/

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